What Men Should Know About Dating An Independent Woman

Dating an independent woman is something that many men desire. They’re impressive, attractive, and fun to be around. What’s not to love?

But how exactly do you impress a woman who knows exactly what she wants? And if her independent lifestyle is non-negotiable, how could this affect your relationship down the line?

Here are some things you should know about dating an independent woman…

Dating an Independent Woman: Our Top 7 Tips

She doesn’t need you to take care of her, but might still want you to 

Just because she doesn’t need you to take care of her, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to care for her. 

Even though most independent women juggle a million things, some find it challenging to ask for assistance. Maybe it’s because they dislike feeling dependent on others or are nervous about seeming weak. 

That’s why the way to an independent woman’s heart is often offering help. Taking some of her stresses away will help her understand that you support her and want her to succeed. 

Don’t ask her if she needs help, because she doesn’t. Instead, ask her if she wants help.

And if she refuses? Maybe ask her one more time for good measure. 

She’s probably not interested in playing silly games

If you’re used to dating partners who love the chase, then dating an independent woman might be more straightforward than you’re used to. 

When this kind of woman says something to you, she most likely means it. She probably isn’t interested in playing hard to get because, well… she already is hard to get!

Chasing men is likely not high up on her to-do list. So be upfront with your intentions and ask her what exactly she wants from you.

That way, you’ll both know where you stand. And you can pursue the connection without constantly wondering what’s on her mind.

Another plus is that you probably won’t get ghosted by this girl. Why? Because if she’s not enjoying your company, she’ll probably let you know. 

She may seem to have high standards… but what’s wrong with that?

There’s a well-known quote that reads “I’m allowed to be high maintenance because I maintain it.” That’s probably a relatable phrase for most independent women.

Dating an independent woman means you’ll probably have to put a little more effort into your dates than just arranging your usual ‘Netflix and chill’.

Realistically she’d probably rather watch Netflix on her own than with a guy she barely knows. And honestly? We don’t blame her. 

And she’s not necessarily looking for a relationship either, so simply focus on making your date a night she’ll enjoy. That way, she’ll see you’re someone worth blocking off time in her calendar for. 

Remember, she doesn’t need your attention to fulfill her. She can do that on her own.

She’ll probably end things if her standards aren’t being met

While many people may stay in so-so relationships because they’re scared of being alone, an independent woman doesn’t have those concerns quite as often. 

Having standards is healthy. And if she feels that hers aren’t being met, she’ll likely end things. 

She appreciates alone time. So don’t get offended 

The quickest way for this courtship to go south is to make her feel guilty for not being available. 

Just because she’s not available 100% of the time doesn’t mean that she’s not interested. Maybe she’s just busy or in need of some alone time. The best thing you can do is to give her the time she needs. 

And if she’s busy because she’s stressed out about her hectic schedule, ask her if there’s something you can do to help out. 

Maybe you could order some delivery food to her place for dinner? Or try scheduling a couples’ massage for an upcoming weekend. 

Be prepared to love her from afar sometimes. It’ll mean a lot to her. 

She may take things slower than you’re used to

If you’re the type of guy who invites their partner to move in with you after the third date, then maybe this isn’t the lady for you. 

An independent woman may worry about losing herself in a relationship. So be prepared to take things slow. 

Be patient. Instead of pressuring her, focus on making her feel comfortable. That way, she’ll feel safe being vulnerable with you over time. Enjoy getting to know her without setting expectations.

She has her own hobbies and wants you to have yours too

The reality is, your crush had a life before she met you. And just because you’re dating, doesn’t mean she wants her hobbies and routine to fall by the way side. 

Whether her passion is traveling, reading, or working out, she likely sees it as an outlet to destress. And it isn’t fair to try to take that away from her.

Having hobbies is key to maintaining a balanced life. And studies show it’s better if you pursue some of your interests solo. So don’t be offended if she doesn’t ask you to tag along. 

Instead, use this time to rediscover some of your own pastimes! Try your hand at a new sport or throw yourself into a music group. Having fulfilling alone time is one of the fundamental ingredients to a happier relationship.

Independent women have weaknesses and strengths just like everyone else. If you’re used to being in relationships that aren’t exactly 50/50, then dating a secure woman may take some getting used to. But trust us, the risks are worth the rewards.

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