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Dating tips for single moms can be hard to come by. With 80.4% of single parents being mothers, it’s surprising that there’s not more advice out there for moms who’re looking for romance. If you’re unsure about how to date as a single mom, you’re not alone! After all, where do you start when it comes to single-handedly juggling the needs of kids while continuing to pursue a full-time career? 

This is where single mom dating advice comes in! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make your dating life healthier and easier, both for you and your kids. Below, we’ve put together our top dating tips for single moms to help you jump back into the dating scene and start making meaningful connections. 

How to Date as a Single Mom: 9 Strategies for Success

1. Make sure you’re ready for it

When it comes to dating tips for single moms, it’s often all about timing. It’s important to ease yourself back into the dating scene at a point that works for you. Make sure you have the physical and mental space to start dating again and think it through beforehand to achieve clarity on how it would work.

Thinking the situation through will help you to understand how important getting back into dating is for you, how much time you can set aside for it, and how it fits in with your other priorities.

2. Tackle the stigma

Often, the hardest part is knowing how to date as a single mom is having the confidence to take those first steps back into the dating world. For many women, a big part of this is to do with the perceived stigma of dating when you have kids. 

This anti-single parent sentiment is becoming a thing of the past though. In fact, Zoosk found that women with kids typically receive 13% more messages than those without and that they also engaged in deeper conversations when matching with others online. With so many single parents going online to find someone, having kids is no longer a big deal or something you have to wait to reveal until later.

3. Make your profile uniquely yours

While the perceived stigma around single parent dating is becoming a thing of the past, how you create your profile can play a big role in being successful when dating online. We can’t talk about single mom dating tips without mentioning your profile. Use it as an opportunity to talk about yourself. Help people get to know you independent of your relationship with your kids by focusing on what makes your personality shine!

Transform your online dating profile into something amazing by adding a variety of pictures, talking about your hobbies and interests, being honest about your likes and dislikes, and adding all those little details that show others what makes you, you!

4. Don’t be afraid to talk about your kids

People who’re interested in you are naturally going to be interested in the things that are important to you. Your kids are a big part of this! So don’t worry about bringing them up in the conversation. You don’t need to apologize or feel as if you need to explain why you’re a single mom either. If the guy you’re chatting to doesn’t get it, it’s probably a red flag and a sign you should move on anyway.

5. Think about what you want

When thinking about how to find love as a single mom, it’s important to consider what you want. What do you, as a woman, need in a relationship? What are your dealbreakers? What kind of person do you want to connect with? How important is it that their values, schedule, family, and priorities fit in with yours?

Having an understanding of what it is you’re looking for before getting started will help you to weed out people who aren’t right and only connect with those who really get you.

6. Embrace the first dates

The thought of that initial first date might feel daunting. We’re with you on that! But, these first few dates are your time to disconnect from your busy day-to-day routine and focus on yourself. 

Try an easy first date to start with. Concentrate on being in the moment and putting any lingering thoughts about work or the kids out of your mind. This will help you to embrace the date and get the most out of the exciting experience of meeting someone new.

7. Introduce your kids when the time is right

One of the most sensitive parts of dating as a single mom is knowing when to introduce someone to your kids. Our advice here is to do it gradually and in a way that works for both you and the kids.

Start by introducing your partner to the idea to your partner and see if they have any questions or concerns. Choose a neutral meeting place and, if possible, find a setting in which you can all engage in an activity. This can help to ease any possible tension.

Prepare yourself and your partner for any negative reaction from your kids. One of the best pieces of single mom dating advice is to keep the lines of communication open between you, your partner, and your kids. Talk together about how the situation feels and any worries that you have. This will help you to work out how best to move forward as a family and get used to the new situation.

8. Keep the kids’ feelings front of mind

A big part of knowing how to date as a single mom is understanding how your kids feel about you dating. However they react to your new relationship, it’s important to remember that this is a big change for them. Be sensitive to this and work with them to ease any difficulties that they might be feeling from the change. Remind them that they’re still your number one priority and set aside regular time to spend together.

9. Stay positive and be realistic with your expectations

Online dating isn’t always easy. Things aren’t always straightforward and new connections don’t always work out right away. So be patient when you’re in the process and remember that good things often take time. If you’re feeling like you’re suffering from dating app fatigue, take a break. You’ll get more out of it by coming back with fresh energy.

Dating Tips for Single Moms: Start Making Genuine Connections!

With these dating tips for single moms, making new connections can be fun and empowering! When it comes to knowing how to date as a single mom, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Work through the process in a way that’s best for you and your kids. Take your time, be patient, and focus on finding someone who will cherish you just as much as your kids do. New-found romance might not be as far away as you think!

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