13 Signs of Snapchat Cheating By Your Partner

Your heart sinks every time your partner’s phone buzzes with a Snapchat notification. 

You wonder who they’re snapping and what they’re sending back and forth on the notorious cheater’s app. 

While Snapchat’s fleeting messages seem innocent on the surface, certain behaviors could point to infidelity. 

Don’t ignore those sneaking suspicions – your intuition is often correct. 

If you’re wondering whether your partner is being unfaithful on Snapchat, read on for 13 revealing signs that something secretive is afoot.

What Is Snapchat Cheating?

Snapchat cheating refers to a partner using the popular messaging app Snapchat to engage in unfaithful behaviors behind their significant other’s back. 

While Snapchat was designed for casual messaging with friends, the disappearing photos and videos make it easy to cross the line from innocent to inappropriate interactions. 

man sitting in bed beside woman looking at phone Snapchat Cheating

Sexting, flirting, sharing explicit images, and communicating regularly with a potential love interest are all examples of cheating behaviors on Snapchat. 

Even if your partner claims it was “just chatting” or “harmless fun,” using

Snapchat to interact with others in a deceptive romantic or sexual way still constitutes infidelity.

13 Heartbreaking Signs Your Partner Is Snapchat Cheating

When your significant other is being unfaithful on Snapchat, their shady behaviors often betray them.

While some signs of Snapchat cheating are more subtle, other red flags are glaring. If you want to know how to catch someone cheating on Snapchat, watch for any of these 13 suspicious signs.

They may indicate your partner is up to no good on the secretive app.

1. They’re Protective of Their Phone

If your partner suddenly starts guarding their phone like Fort Knox, leaving the room to check notifications and positioning the screen out of your view, it could point to Snapchat cheating. Unfaithful partners often exhibit protective body language around their devices and keep their phones on lockdown to prevent snooping. 

If your once laid-back partner has recently become extremely secretive with their phone habits, it may signal they’re hiding Snapchat messages and don’t want you to discover their infidelity. A newfound attachment to their phone, especially in the bathroom or late at night, is a huge red flag. 

2. Increased Snapchat Usage

Has your partner’s Snapchat usage suddenly skyrocketed? Are they now Snapchatting during all their free time, even when you’re trying to connect with them? If your significant other is frequently on Snapchat and their usage has notably increased, it may indicate they’re entertaining an inappropriate relationship on the app. 

Increased activity points to your partner seeking stimulation, excitement, and interactions outside of your relationship. The random snaps and rapid-fire messaging suggest they’re actively engaged in conversations – likely involving flirting and romantic exchanges. If they’re suddenly snapping late at night or during work hours, it also suggests they’re putting Snapchat connections above your needs. 

3. They Change Their Appearance in Photos

If you notice your partner altering or enhancing their appearance in the Snapchat photos they send, it could point to some image insecurities – and likely an intention to impress another romantic interest. Snapchat-cheating girlfriends often try to look their best in photos exchanged with their illicit love interest. 

They may apply extra makeup, style their hair differently, pose provocatively, or even use filters to touch up their appearance. If your significant other’s online photos portray them looking more dolled up, airbrushed, or sexualized than normal, it’s a red flag signaling they want to come across as attractive and hot for someone else.

4. They Laugh but Won’t Show You Certain Snaps

Catch your partner giggling or smiling at a Snapchat message, but when you ask to see the snap, they brush you off? This suspicious secrecy likely means they want to hide flirtatious or inappropriate snaps from a romantic interest.

Cheating partners often laugh or light up at snaps from their illicit lover, then refuse to reveal those specific snaps to their spouse or partner. They’ll claim they don’t want to share someone else’s personal messages or that it’s “just a joke you wouldn’t understand.” In reality, it’s likely steamy, flirty content exchanged with their side lover. 

couple siting on sofa woman pulling away Snapchat Cheating

5. Their Location Doesn’t Match Their Snaps

Does your partner claim they’re at work, but their Snapchat map shows them at a restaurant? Or maybe their snaps reveal landmarks near their ex’s house, not the place they said they’d be. When your significant other’s location fails to match up with the snaps they send, it signals they’re being deceitful about where they are and who they’re with. 

A cheating partner will often use seemingly innocuous snaps to cover up their actual location and activities. If you know your partner is supposed to be at the gym, but their snaps show a bar scene, or they say they’re working late yet send snaps from inside their car, take note. The mismatch between their stated location and what their snaps reveal means they’re creating an alibi to mask their meetups.

6. You’re Barred From Viewing Their Snapchat Contacts

 Is your partner adamant that you stay far away from their Snapchat friend list and contact details? Cheaters often block access to these connections to conceal flirty contacts.

Partners engaging in this type of infidelity will vigorously hide their contacts from you. They don’t want you to see the usernames of those they’re flirting with or view their suggestive chat history. If your significant other refuses to let you access their Snapchat contacts for even a quick glance, they likely have inappropriate relationships and messages to hide.

7. They Snapchat at Odd Hours

Late nights and early mornings are prime times for your unfaithful partner to message their lover. Increased messaging during off-peak hours when you’re not around signals deception. If you notice a pattern of increased Snapchatting between 10 pm and 6 am, it’s likely not messages to coworkers or group chats with friends. 

Frequent Snapchatting when most people are sleeping means they’re engaged in a one-on-one conversation they don’t want you to know about. Late-night snaps and rapid replies during work hours are giveaways that something inappropriate is brewing.

8. They Close Out of Snapchat When You Enter the Room

Does your partner quickly close out of an app or tilt their phone screen away from you when you walk into the room? This knee-jerk reaction signals they were likely engaging in flirtatious conversation or viewing sexual snaps from someone other than you.

Partners who are faithful have nothing to hide in their Snapchat app. However, cheating partners panic when caught off guard and scramble to hide incriminating messages and photos. If your significant other exhibits a startle response when you unexpectedly show up and swiftly clicks out of Snapchat, it’s often because they were immersed in inappropriate exchanges. 

9. You Catch Them Deleting Snaps and Chats

Has your partner been hastily deleting their Snapchat history when they think you aren’t looking? The swift cover-up indicates they want to erase evidence of conversations that cross the line. Unfaithful partners will routinely delete flirty, explicit, or inappropriate snaps and chats to conceal the details from you. 

They assume the disappearing data will mean their cheating stays secret. However, deleting messages is itself a major red flag. Innocent partners have nothing to erase, while cheaters frantically delete snaps and chats to hide digital proof of their betrayals.

10. They Never Let You See Their Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories contain saved snaps and stories which could reveal a cheating partner’s inappropriate exchanges and connections. That’s why unfaithful partners usually refuse to hand over their phones and show you this enlightening feature.

While faithful partners will freely share their Saved Snaps, Stories, and Memories, cheaters stay tight-lipped about this archive of images, videos, and conversations. They don’t want you accessing old messages that could expose their virtual flings and affairs. If your significant other adamantly rejects giving you access to Memories, it’s likely those images and conversations contain damning evidence.

11. Their Snapchat Bitmoji Looks Nothing Like Them

A Snapchat Bitmoji that looks suspiciously different from your partner could signify they crafted the avatar to appeal to a potential love interest. Partners who are faithful have no reason to alter their Bitmoji; it simply reflects their likeness. 

However, your partner stylizing their Bitmoji to look thinner, buffer, younger, or more attractive often means they want to entice a crush or affair partner. The modified cartoon image allows them to present an idealized version of themselves to facilitate flirting and romantic exchanges. 

12. They Get Snappy When You Ask About Their Snapchatting

Does your partner get defensive or anxious when questioned about their Snapchat activity? This volatile reaction demonstrates they feel cornered about their unfaithful app use.

Innocent partners will calmly answer questions about their Snapchat habits without issue. However, cheating partners get cagey when confronted about suspicious snaps, frequently lashing out in anger or shutting down. They may gaslight you by responding with accusations like, “You’re paranoid” or “You’re trying to control me.” Explosiveness signals they’re hiding deceitful actions. If inquiries lead to blowups, it likely means they’re engaging in wrongdoing.

13. Your Intuition Senses Something Is Off

At the end of the day, if your gut instinct is plagued by doubt and suspicion about your partner’s fidelity, don’t ignore it. Our intuition calls out deceit. Humans are wired to detect cheating on a primal, subconscious level long before concrete evidence emerges. 

If you can’t seem to shake nagging feelings of distrust regarding your partner’s Snapchatting habits, listen to that intuition. It’s likely registering something amiss even if your conscious mind hasn’t pinned down proof. Inner knowing picked up on by your right brain hemispheres is often correct. Trust those instincts – they’re cluing you into infidelity.

Is Snapchat a Cheating App?

While Snapchat was not specifically designed as a “cheating app,” its features lend themselves to inappropriate flirting, romantic exchanges, and encounters outside of one’s primary relationship. 

man taking a selfie with phone Snapchat Cheating

The ephemeral photos and videos shared on Snapchat often depict sexually suggestive situations meant to titillate and excite. And the app’s disappearing messages create a false sense of security, leading people to reveal more intimate thoughts and details. 

For these reasons, Snapchat provides ample opportunity for emotional and physical affairs to develop through flirty interactions. So while the app itself is neutral, Snapchat’s temporary nature makes it easy for users to cross boundaries into cheating territory.

What to Do If You Suspect Your Partner is Cheating on Snapchat?

If you have an unshakeable feeling your partner is engaging in inappropriate Snapchat behaviors behind your back, you likely feel hurt, angry, and confused about how to respond. While the thought of infidelity is devastating, there are constructive actions you can take to either confirm your suspicions or set your mind at ease. 

Watch Their Snapchat Habits

Keep an eye out for any of the suspicious signs covered earlier. Document your observations. Take note if your partner exhibits increased protectiveness, secrecy, deleted messages, or unusual snapping hours. Subtle changes in their Snapchat habits can expose cheating.

Ask Directly

Have an honest conversation with your partner explaining your concerns about their recent Snapchat activity. Gauge their reaction – defensiveness could signal guilt. Ask to see their phone and Snapchat contacts. A faithful partner should have nothing to hide.

Check the Phone Bill

Snapchat cheaters often switch to audio or video calls to further their intimacy. Review your bill for any uptick in late-night or frequent unknown numbers. Cross-check the calls against your partner’s phone log. 

Trust Your Intuition

If something feels off, probe that instinct. Our gut senses often pick up on cheating long before we have tangible proof. Pay attention to inner red flags signaling your partner may be unfaithful.

Get Support

Talk to a close friend or family member if you need encouragement to confront cheating fears. Having support from loved ones helps you make wise choices as you determine the next steps. You don’t have to manage infidelity suspicions alone.

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What If You Discover Clear Snapchat Cheating Evidence?

Finding indisputable proof that your partner is cheating on Snapchat rocks you to the core. But once the initial shock subsides, it’s time to make empowered choices that align with your self-worth.

  • Resist overreacting. As much as possible, stay calm when confronting your partner so the conversation remains productive.
  • Document the evidence in case you need it later for divorce proceedings (if you’re married). Take screenshots, photos, or videos of the Snapchat exchanges that constitute cheating.
  • Tell your partner what you know and set clear boundaries, such as refusing to tolerate continued deception. 
  • Seek couples’ counseling to process the betrayal and decide if your partner is genuinely remorseful and if you can possibly heal. 
  • Consult trusted friends and family who will uplift you during this difficult transition.
  • Reflect on whether you can eventually move past this violation or if it’s time to let the relationship go and start fresh. There are no right or wrong choices – just what feels aligned with your well-being.

The revelation of Snapchat cheating may close one chapter, but it also opens the door to new beginnings. You have the power to walk away stronger.

Is Snapchat Good for Relationships?

The impact of Snapchat on romantic relationships is debated. Some find Snapchat harms intimacy, while others believe it nurtures closeness. The effects likely depend on how the app is used within the relationship.

Potential Downsides

  • Snapchat can facilitate cheating behaviors and inappropriate interactions outside of the relationship. Flirty messaging and photo exchanges are common.
  • Partners may gravitate more toward Snapchat than quality time together. Constant notifications can be distracting.
  • Snapchat depicts an edited life highlight reel, which could spark jealousy or resentment in relationships.

Potential Benefits

  • Playful selfies and creative snaps allow couples to feel connected during the day.
  • Shared memories saved to the app let couples reminisce on meaningful moments.
  • Sending encouraging Snaps lets partners support each other visually.
  • Couples can use Snapchat to coordinate meetups or share tidbits from their day.

For those prone to jealousy, secrecy, or emotional affairs, Snapchat likely introduces more risks than rewards. Trust and communication are key in determining if Snapchat nurtures or erodes your unique relationship.

Final Thoughts

While Snapchat offers lighthearted fun, its secretive nature also enables cheating. Stay alert to signs of infidelity, trust your intuition, and take empowering actions if your suspicions are confirmed. You deserve a partner as committed to the relationship as you are. If deception surfaces, prioritize self-care as you walk away stronger.

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