How to Impress a Guy

When trying to impress a guy, there’s no one right way to do it. Guys, like girls, are all unique in their own way, and because of that they all like and are attracted to different things. There may be certain qualities you have that impress a guy solely because you’re different from anyone else he’s ever met before.

However, there are plenty of methods you’ll want to universally avoid. Sure, movies and television are quick to tell you that the brooding, somewhat mean girl will draw men their way like a moth to a flame. But in real life, a naturally positive and welcoming vibe works a lot better.

When you want to really impress a guy, here are some things you don’t want to forget.

Your weird quirk is something that’ll set you apart.
Quirky people are often a lot of fun to be around. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Don’t overload a guy on the 90 weird hobbies you have, since that can come across as being a little overwhelming. Instead, take one thing you like the most (say, your interest in studying insects, or your secret love of Spaghetti Westerns) and make that one of your selling points. Just be genuine about it — if you really do think you’re somewhat basic, that’s okay too. You just need to own that and maybe have a sense of humor about it if he jokes about Ugg boots and Frappuccinos.

Approaching him first says so much.
There’s a lot of pressure on men to be the one to ignite a conversation. And if he’s been burned in the past by uninterested parties, he might be a little nervous when approaching you. Your level of confidence will impress him, and he’ll also be somewhat relieved if he’s been checking you out the whole night.

What they say about confidence is true—if you don’t have it, fake it. If you’re looking to impress someone you’re personally a little nervous to talk to, remember that practice makes perfect. You have nothing to lose. He might actually find it cute if you nervously flub your opening line.

Crafting a topic about something you know he likes will win points.
Guys love talking about stuff they know. In fact, your entire night may end up being accidentally monopolized by the conversation you started. But, it’s a great way to get to know him and at least exchange numbers. Just make sure that you ask about something you don’t necessarily despise. For example, if you know that he volunteers at an animal shelter, ask him about what type of dog might best fit your lifestyle. Or if you know he’s really into card games, ask him about some of his favorite suggestions for a group at a party. By opening the conversation with, “I heard you’re good at this,” he’ll feel even more confident in the conversation, and psyched that you’re already familiar with his interests.

Know how to properly communicate.
Learning how to converse with people is an important skill even outside of dating. If you want to impress him, give him your full attention. Put your phone away, and make him your top priority. Ask him follow-up questions, and keep eye contact without staring. It’s important to converse, but never fully dominate the conversation or start talking about your cousin’s drama with her boyfriend, as that’s a shallow topic he can’t easily participate in.

Don’t be afraid to be intelligent.
There’s a difference between a know-it-all and someone who’s just smart. Women should never have to hide their intelligence, since guys who are intimidated by that aren’t really worth pursuing anyway. You don’t want to shoot him down with facts, but you do want to let him know when a topic comes up that you’re extremely knowledgeable in. The goal is not making him feel dumb—it’s in highlighting the fact that you’ve done your research and aren’t too timid to showcase it.

Don’t put on an act.
Guys are pretty smart when it comes to realizing you’re putting on an act. Trying to be someone you aren’t won’t lead to a fulfilling relationship for either of you. Instead, just be yourself. If you know you stutter when you’re anxious, make a joke about it when it happens. Or, if you happen to spill your drink at the bar, laugh it off and quip about how this is why nobody can take you anywhere. Every person has faults—instead of hiding yours, just know how to handle them. This tells guys that you’re secure with who you are, which is incredibly impressive.

Just remember, you’re likely a lot more impressive than you think. The more you worry about trying to impress someone, the more aggressive you may end up coming off. Just take a deep breath, go out there, and be the most confident version of yourself that you can be.

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