What Attracts Women More Than Money and Good Looks? –

Lets face it when it comes to attraction men are simple creatures. The sight of a pretty young woman is enough to make any man uncontrollably drool.

Sorry to sound blunt, but it’s proven in evolution over millions of years (but perhaps not the drooling part).

But what about women? Are they simply attracted by the lure of money? Darwin might say otherwise.

We breakdown exactly what separates the men from the boys when it comes to female attraction.

Money Vs. Looks

Money: will it solve your problem of getting the girl? Contrary to popular belief, money isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Wealth attracts women striving to find a long-term partner but more so as a ‘provider’ rather than a ‘lover’. Money can provide stability and the ability to raise children in a comfortable environment but when it comes to sex and reproduction, looks are far more important.

Sexual attractiveness is “one of the most desirable qualities a male can have in the eyes of a female” Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

Women look for qualities that are reasonable indicators of genetic health, fertility and competitiveness. As such, they imply “a genetic constitution that would also be desirable in her children.” Robin Baker, Sperm Wars.

OK so that’s more about making babies…What about attraction in the dating game? How do money and looks fair here?

In the dating sphere, looks only give you a foot in the door. Money on the other hand, might be a little more useful.

Acquiring wealth can enhance your status and move you up the ranks in social pecking order. Providing your wealth is not discussed, you will naturally raise your value to the opposite sex. Remember how the popular jock kids at school always attracted the beautiful girls?

Social proof as we will call it, is a powerful component in attracting women -maybe even more so than money and looks combined…

Social proof

The ‘social climber’ is a nickname we like to brand certain individuals to jokingly describe those people who strive to befriend the popular kids in the aim of improving their social status.

This concept can be applied to pickup as a cunning tactic to attract women and hence should not be laughed at – it’s a game changer. Women respond well to status.

If you’re in the company of a fun group with pretty girls and appear to be the center of attention, you will dramatically raise your value – “the illusion that you are desired by others will make you more attractive to your victims than your beautiful face or your perfect body” The Art of Seduction.

So next time you’re out on the town, maybe think twice about going out with a group of guys. You will end up looking like a pack of wolves hunting prey.

Any evidence you give off indicating that you’re well connected, have cool friends, and loyal followers will get girls noticing you.

Being seen to be attracted by other girls is an attractive trait and the envy of girls watching on who will be craving for a slice of the action.

So what about a man’s reputation? Do the same rules of attraction apply? Surely being known to have ‘been around the block’ is a massive turn off for women…


Most men play down their reputation in fear that women will find them untrustworthy and incapable of being a potential suitor for a serious relationship.

This might throw you a little off course… but believe it or not, your illustrious past as a seducer is actually attractive to women.

Innocence is all good and well, but women prefer a man in high demand who knows what he’s doing – “The more effectively he stimulates her, the more experienced he should be – and hence the greater the number of women who have so far found him to be attractive.” Robin Baker, Sperm Wars

If you’re a womanizer – don’t apologize for it. Your reputation is “an effective way of creating an aura of desirability” Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

Standing out


In nature, it is largely the males who display sexually attractive gaudy colours whilst it is the females who rock the ‘Plain Jane’ look. If males fail to stand out, they can kiss goodbye their chances of reproduction.

Take a look at the mating displays of the birds of paradise to see why first impressions count for everything.

So why in human society have we gone 180? – Women show their gaudy colours and the flamboyant feather displays in the form of make-up, elaborate jewellery, dresses and high heels. Shouldn’t men dress to impress?

Obviously I’m not suggesting that men should rush out and buy a pair of stilettos, but surely if a man dressed more colourfully to stand out from the crowd, he would stand far greater chance at having success with the women? It would make evolutionary sense.

Some of you may be familiar with the term ‘Peacocking’ and/or the ‘Peacock Theory’ originally coined by Mystery in the best selling book The Game. This terminology is inspired by Darwin suggesting that “peacocks have long tails because peahens will only mate with peacocks that have long tails” Matt Ridley, The Red Queen.

Therefore the concept of ‘Peacocking’ is simple – stand out in a crowd by wearing loud clothing and flashy accessories in order to get attention from women. Does it work? Well contrary to popular belief from The Game skeptics and the like, the answer is – yes it does work.

Try and think back to the last time you dressed outlandishly when you went out. Maybe it was for fancy dress? Or maybe you were just having a wardrobe malfunction? Whatever the occasion, one thing is for certain; you definitely gained more attention from women.

There is a common misconception: if you look generic, you can attract a wide array of women. This is wrong,”if you look average, you’re going to get average girls. You need to be bigger than life” Neil Strauss, The Game. So act accordingly – differentiate your style.

Wrapping it up

Ultimately, when attracting women, money and good looks do help, but the overriding factor which wins hands down is social proof.

Think on the positive side – acquiring money and having good looks is more often than not, out of our control. But social proof and status however, is something we all have power over. So why not do something about it?

And that could be as simple as inviting your girl mates to join your entourage. After all, we proved that going out in a mixed group will make you far more approachable.

So how far do you think money and good looks help to attract women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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