14 Ways to Make Your First Date Super Awkward –


Ahh the first date… it can either be amazing or downright terrible. There is no middle ground.

The reason for the first date ending up as either one of these polar opposites is quite simply down to the tension and build up surrounding the event.

There are two ways of going about it – you can either play Mr Smooth or Mr Awkward.

We all know the standard dating taboos when it comes to the first date – talking about your ex, bringing up marriage and getting too drunk to name a few. But what about the super awkward ones?

Here are 14 first date taboos to avoid. Unless you want to get ghosted the next day…

First impressions are everything – poorly execute the meet and greet


Ask them if they believe in love at first sight


Present a large bouquet of flowers so they have to lug them around for the whole date


Straightaway try and arrange the second date.


Be Mr Inspector – “some interesting results came up when I Google you…”


Be Mr hypochondriac – “So… any issues downstairs I should be aware of?”


Discuss how many cats you have and continue to name and describe each and every one of them


Bring along a candle incase the restaurant doesn’t provide the romantic touch


Say grace before starting the meal. “For what we are about to receive, may the lord make us truly grateful. Amen.”


Speak to them as if they’re your therapist – “I’ve been sober for 4 months and 12 days…”


Tell them you don’t take rejection well


If you’re too full to finish your meal, ask the waiter for a doggy bag to take home the scraps


When the bill arrives, whack out a load of voucher coupons and act all smug about it


If you happen to perform at least 2 of the above, go in for the first kiss…


So there you have it. Make sure to avoid the above criminal acts like the plague.

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Any funny awkward first date experiences you would like to share? Post your story in the comments below.



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