How to Impress a Girl: Easy Things Girls Love

Impressing a woman might seem like a daunting task, but it’s an important one if you want to have a long-term relationship with a woman that really wows you. Though you can’t make someone fall in love with you, you can set the stage for yourself with the right person by following some of these easy tips.

1. Don’t try to be something you’re not. 
The last thing you want to do is present yourself as someone who’s vastly different front who you really are. If the relationship works out, you won’t be able to keep being this other person. Plus, you want to be with someone who also wants to be with you. So make sure to be yourself, first and foremost.

2. Show that you care.
While being the aloof jerk might work for some guys, the majority of women aren’t interested in that kind of behavior at all. So ask questions. Listen to her responses fully instead of focusing on how you can interject something about yourself. Ask thoughtful follow-up questions. Share things that are relevant to what she says, and if you have commonalities, share those with her too.

This also applies to how you present yourself. You don’t expect her to show up to a date with you wearing sweatpants and the make-up she applied yesterday, so give her the same courtesy. Show that you’re trying for her and put effort into yourself and the date. Shower. Groom, so you don’t have a lot of scraggly or unruly facial hair. Dress your best. If you have wrinkles on your shirt, iron them out. And wear something that appropriately matches what you will be doing or where you’ll be going.

3. Think before you speak.
Whether you have other dates lined up or not, don’t talk about other women. Your focus should be on the person you’re with, not anyone else. You might think talking about these other women will make her jealous or show her how desirable you are, but it doesn’t. Avoid it at all costs. Instead, it will make you appear shallow and uninterested in her, which is exactly what you don’t want her to think.

Don’t make fun of her because she asked for her salad dressing on the side (unless you’re doing some soft poking fun). Don’t tell dirty, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate jokes. Try not to swear a lot, especially if she’s someone that doesn’t swear much herself. Don’t rehash how much you’re mad at your ex and throw out some choice words about her. If you’re truly trying to impress this woman, don’t try to have the same conversation with her that you’d have with your bros after a couple of beers.

Also remember to practice good manners. No woman wants a guy who’s also going to be super rude to the hostess because she was a little tardy about getting your table together. 

4. Make her feel special.
Pay her a genuine compliment with a simple one-liner. You don’t want to give her so many that she starts to feel uncomfortable, so keep it simple. Something like, “You look great in that dress,” can go a long way towards making her feel comfortable and secure. Avoid compliments like, “I like your outfit,” as that doesn’t necessarily apply directly to her. Look her in the eyes and smile.

Help her out too, whether it be opening a door for her, pulling her chair out, or selecting a restaurant she said she liked. Let her know that you are invested in her, in what she thinks and feels, by paying her special attention, both in your actions and what you say.

If you’ve found a woman you definitely want to impress, take these easy steps to let her know you’re interested. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be meant to be, and if it’s not, use these with the next lady that stuns you!

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