Wanna Know Who Gets All the Girls? 14 Famous Pickup Artists Exposed –

The pickup world has gone a long way since the early days documented in Neil Strauss’ famous book, The Game.

So where are the likes of Neil Strauss, Mystery and Ross Jeffries now? Well, they are still very much in the mix!

If you’re looking to raise your game to the next level, look no further – we present you the finest talents all together in one place.

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Without further ado, we expose the 14 most famous pickup artists and their dating companies who currently grace our planet…

ross jeffries
Dubbed the Daddy of the seduction community, Ross was mackin’ it from Day 1.

Armed with the power of the mind at his disposal, he prefers daygame and especially the peace and tranquillity of coffee shops to work his ‘magic’.

Pioneering the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques into his game, he has a crafty way with words to suggestively bring about the aura of sexual desires in his victims. It’s a powerful seduction technique, so powerful it’s controversial.

Ross created Speed Seduction – one of the first PUA products to ever hit the market. He continues to teach these unique techniques to scores of men and despite now being in his 50s, he doesn’t seem to have any problem picking up the ladies. Not bad going.

If you haven’t heard of Neil Strauss and his famous book: The Game, then you’ve had your head buried in the sand like an ostrich.

Back in 2005, Neil Strauss AKA ‘Style’ exposed the underground seduction community to the masses. Give your typical geek two years rubbing shoulders with the masters in seduction and what do you get? You get ‘Style’ the number 1 pickup artist in the world.

The Game chronicled his 2 years of conquests that included bedding the crème de la crème of LA and famously chatting up the likes of Courtney Love and Britney Spears.

Following the success of The Game, he founded Stylelife Academy where he continues teaching the secrets of modern day game to AFCs the world over.

Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) – Venusian Arts

You’re guilty of further sand burying if the name ‘Mystery’ doesn’t ring a bell. Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) is the inventor of modern day game and wrote The Mystery Method.

Have you heard of the terms; ‘peacocking’, ‘negging’ and the ‘3 second rule’? Well Mystery is your man behind this pickup lingo and the main protagonist of The Game – training Style to become the man he is today.

Mystery along with chief wing Matador, rose to stardom in VH1’s The Pickup Artist in which they trained a pack of loveless hungry wolves to win over the ladies. Its safe to say, Mystery is the most famous pickup artist in the industry, I’m sure it’s hard to argue otherwise.

You can learn from the master without having to be on TV! Head over to Venusian Arts where Mystery together with Matador and Lovedrop teach their words of wisdom from the foundations with The Revelation Book and beyond.

Richard La Ruina (Gambler) – PUA Training

Time Out described Richard as ‘Britain’s answer to Neil ‘The Game’ Strauss’. Another classic example of geek turned ladies man, Nicknamed ‘gambler’ for his reckless yet rewarding investments on the stock markets as a young boy, Richard had it all bar one thing…women.

He set out learning the hard way, good old-fashioned trial and error. After years of pacing down the streets of London, it finally all made sense. In 2006, Richard founded PUA Training, now the UKs largest pickup company, boasting the likes of Andy Lyons (AFC Andy) in his team of many.

Their flagship products, Stealth Attraction and The Master Pick Up Artist University prove why PUA Training is the UK’s number 1. Read our Stealth Attraction review to understand why.

Need some inspiration to start learning pickup? Check out some of Richard’s YouTube videos and pop over to his Facebook page. There seems to be a common theme – he’s always outnumbered by an abundance of gorgeous girls. Safe to say, we are very jealous…

Once upon a time a real estate agent, soon bored, decided to try his hands learning the dating game.

David soon developed a ‘cocky funny’ approach that became popular in the pickup community – a combination of self-confidence with a sense of humour. His Double Your Dating course is his most acclaimed work amongst many others.

David was depicted in The Game where we learned his wicked ways with the waitresses (pleural of course) in a local café. And no, he didn’t charm them with heavy tipping.

simple pickup
Where do we start with these guys? The 3 musketeers – we wouldn’t dare separate them for this post.

They have caused a storm, commandeering stardom in a flash with the power to make pickup look as easy as 1,2,3. But how did they do this? By wearing comical outfits and pulling off outrageous stunts in the aim of number closing of course… We think its genius.

The following video explains all. We recommend you sit down and watch this with a glass of port…

But it’s not all fun and games, these guys are serious about helping improve your game. Simple Pickup offers a variety of courses to set you well on your way to manhood.

tyler durden
Tyler Durden is a famous name in the pickup community and for all the right reasons (not Project Mayhem). Tyler, (Owen Cook) is one of the originals from the movement back in the Project Hollywood days.

Although Tyler’s character was depicted rather negatively in The Game, you can’t criticize his pickup skills. He is one of the co founders behind Real Social Dynamics with Papa and Co. Their business is said to the largest dating company out there.

They offer bootcamps around the world and an assortment of products to study the arts, most popular of which being BluePrint Decoded offering 20 DVDs of audio and video content. Not too shabby.

JT Tran is a self described ‘Asian hitch’, as it says on the tin, he’s pretty handy at training Asian men the art of pickup.

He teaches hoards of men self-confidence and communication skills to prepare them for battle through his reputable dating company – ABCs of Attraction.

A former student of Mystery’s bootcamps, JT throws up something completely new – a style favoured to Asian tastes. His book, The Modern Asian Man is a concoction of his dating formula that has taken 7 years in the making to get juuust right. Yum.

nick savoy
Often described to be the #1 dating coach. Nick is the don at Love Systems. With the company originally set up in the comfort of his own apartment, Love Systems soon made waves to become one of the most popular dating companies out there.

A large amount of their success is thanks to Magic Bullets, the holy grail of all things seduction which was written by Nick Savoy himself.

Lovesystems boasts a 20+ workforce of qualified instructors, including Braddock who, being a young college graduate, throws in a youthful punch for the team. Braddock is the mastermind behind the popular writings – Beyond Words, and Social Mastery, ensuring Love Systems has something for everyone.

Andy Yosha – Daygame

andy yosha
If there were a crown awarded for the best at daygame, it would be firmly resting on Andy’s head. When the sun is shining look out for this guy – he roams the streets day in day out hunting down the talent that London has to offer.

A former instructor with PUA Training, Andy specialised at daygame teaching his minions the art of getting more than just a cappuccino.

Andy set up Daygame.com in 2010 and has been teaching alongside Yad and Co the secrets of daylight number closing ever since.

Most of us (me included) seem to only turn our game face on at night, missing out on the fruits of the day. And by jingo are those fruits the exotic ones. The art of catching girls off guard is the beauty of daygame.

How to do it? Best check out Daygame Blueprint – your very own daygame bible to worship. You’ll become a local at Starbucks in no time.

john sinn
Another father style figure, it seems like John Sinn has been in the game forever. John was instructing back in the Mystery Method days before becoming a popular instructor with the Love Systems team.

John set up Sinns of Attraction – a PUA company based in Los Angeles teaching his own style of pickup focusing on natural attraction.

Seduction Roadmap is his flagship product that breaks down the seduction into concrete steps, I guess a bit like an Ikea manual for building a chest of drawers… yet far more rewarding.

Rob King (Kingy) – PUA Method

A man of royalty when it comes to picking up women, Robert King AKA Kingy is a leader of men. Step aside Queen Elizabeth II; this guy can attract more women than you have Colonies under your belt.

In 2012 Kingy wrote The Pick Up Game where you can gain an insight into the modern game. He teaches under his dating business PUA Method – a training driven company with bootcamps and residential courses instructing men the world over from England and Norway to America.
Spiritual self-development is a central theme throughout his teachings. His stories of travelling the world with monks are sure to brush off on you in a good way.

zan perrion
A natural. Need I say no more?

This guy flips pickup on its head, instead of using routine after routine, Zan’s method is more about bringing out passion and delight in a women by creating a fantasy. A self proclaimed “student of women”, Zan focuses on love rather than pickup.

Zan set up The Ars Amorata and trades his masterpieces under the Way of Attraction. No surprises that his flagship product is called The Way of the Natural, a DVD course that lays the foundations of his Casanova style teachings.

Dubbed to be the first pickup artist from the UK, Beckster is something of a celebrity dating coach with over 10 years of experience in the game.

In the early days Beckster was a part of PUA Training before breaking off on his own with The Beckster Lifestyle. This guy has got seriously good chat and reminds us all that excessive peacocking is not essential.

Beckster conducts bootcamps internationally and often works alongside Mystery and Matador in London. Last I heard of it, the three of them were seen sarging the West End in October.

Beckster differentiates himself from the crowd by being more of a dating coach – teaching both men and women. Bit of a cupid by the sound of things…


So that’s a wrap!

Our very own pickup artist wall of fame.

If you want to learn how to pick up girls from Beckster, Ross Jeffries, Jon Sinn and 29 more famous pickup artists don’t forget to check out this amazing group interview where we asked 32 famous pickup artists how to pick up girls in 7 different situations!

Have we missed one of your favourite PUAs out? Let us know in the comments below!



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