7 Perks of Having a Girl Best Friend if You’re a Guy

There’s an old saying that men and women can’t be “just friends” because someone will always end up feeling something more and falling in love. But men and women are absolutely capable of being just friends. There are many perks to having a girl best friend if you’re a guy. If you have one, you know how special they are. And if you don’t, here’s what you’re missing out on.

It helps demystify women.
A lot of men feel completely clueless about women. But you know who doesn’t feel completely clueless about women? Guys with girl best friends. Being good friends with a girl gives you a front row seat to understanding the differences between men and women. You spend a lot of time with her when her guard is down, which means you have a good idea of how her mind works. See how you can apply what you’ve learned from your friendship to your romantic relationships.

She can give you dating advice.
Not just dating advice, but good dating advice. Women can tell you the right way to respond to a text, where you should go on a first date, what you should wear on a date, and even what to buy her for her birthday. If you’re only getting your dating advice from fellow men, you’re missing out on some serious insight.

You can tell her anything without being judged.
It’s not easy to discuss love, dating, and relationships with other men. They aren’t always good at talking about emotions and might crack jokes or get competitive if you want to talk about something serious, like insecurities, falling in love, or being nervous to ask someone out. But most women love to talk about feelings and are much more in touch with their emotions. Having a girl best friend means you’ll always have someone to open up to about the scary stuff without fear of being judged.

She can be a great wing woman.
A girl best friend is a great way to meet women. She can set you up with one of her friends or help you flirt with women when you’re out together. Women are naturally more trusting of other women, and she’ll be a great judge of character because she knows what you’re looking for in a match and has high standards for you.

You’ll be SO much better at online dating.
If you ask your female friend to set up or improve your online dating profile(s), we guarantee she’ll jump at the chance. She can tell you what opening lines to use, what pictures to use, and what to write in your bio. And, more importantly, she can tell you what not to do. Plus, chances are you’ve heard endless online dating horror stories from your girl best friend. Use these insights as opportunities to avoid making the online dating mistakes these other men are making.

She’ll get you in tip-top shape.
Women love to make sure men are taking care of themselves, grooming, keeping good hygiene habits, and dressing well. All of these things are super attractive to women, and you’ll have your best friend to thank for looking for your best.

It prepares you to be in a romantic relationship.
Solid friendships are built on the same principles as solid romantic relationships: trust, respect, and compatibility. So, if you can successfully maintain a friendship with a woman, understand her needs, and learn how and why she reacts the way she does in certain situations, you’ll be a great romantic partner to a woman, too.

Every guy has a group of bros that spend quality time together: they hit the gym, go out to bars, and watch sports. But every guy should have a girl best friend, too. Because there are just some things that are easier and more fun to do with your female friends.

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