10 Signs He’s Into You That You’re Not Looking Out For

It’s difficult to tell if a guy is serious about you unless he puts himself on the line and actually says, “I like you.” But it’s understandable that some guys aren’t this straightforward. He might be shy, or he may have been burned in the past and fears rejection or he might be a game player. So, what are the signs he’s into you?

Well, actually, it’s usually pretty obvious; because guys are not that subtle, even when they think they’re being subtle. But you may not have been looking out for these signs because perhaps you didn’t even realize they are signs! Here’re some of the signs he’s into you that you’re may not be looking out for. 

The Not So Obvious Signs He’s Into You

He always starts up a conversation

Whether it’s to talk about something deep and serious, or just indulging in idle chit chatter; this is a healthy sign he likes you. He likes talking to you and is probably interested in you beyond your physical appearance. 

And the more you talk to someone about things you’re both interested in, the more likely you are to fall for each other. 

His eyes never lie 

Smiling is always a good sign, but how do you know if he’s genuinely smiling at you or faking it? It’ll be written in his eyes. If he’s smiling with his eyes, it’s a strong sign that he has real feelings for you. 

He wants to impress you

Whether he proudly tells you about his accomplishments or looks at you for approval of his jokes or stories; he’s doing this because he likes you.

He may exaggerate or embellish at times, but that’s only because he wants to impress you. He wants you to know how great he can be. A man only acts like this with the people whose opinion he cares about! 

He drops the guard 

Do you find yourself having deep conversations with this guy, where he removes the armor he usually wears, and bares his soul to you?

Most people – men and women – are afraid of being vulnerable out of fear of getting hurt or being seen as weak. So if a man is willing to show you his true self, chances are he doesn’t do this with many people, and he sees you as someone special he can open up to.

He checks you out 

Men are visual creatures. That means when they’re drawn to something, they can’t help themselves but stare. It’s simply in their nature. 

So if you catch him staring at you longer than usual, or find that his eyes always seem to be locked on you (not in a creepy way); take it as a compliment and a strong indication that he likes you a lot.

He mirrors you 

We’re all able to be influenced by other people’s actions to a certain degree. An example of this is laughing when someone else is laughing, or seeing someone yawn and then finding yourself yawning too. But when a guy likes you, he’s even more likely to be influenced by your body language and actions. 

When you rest your hand on your face, his hand might find its way up to his face too. When you lean in across the table, he’ll meet you there. Pay attention to these subtle movements next time you’re together and notice if he’s mirroring you.

He doesn’t check his phone

Many of us today suffer from serious phone addiction, and with the consistent stream of notifications and emails we receive, it’s easy to see why. So if you notice that this guy is totally focused on you and only you when he’s in your company, this is a big deal!

It means he doesn’t care if his team won their basketball match, if his mates have text him back, or even what the time is. He’s with you, and all he wants is to be present with you in the moment and make that a priority. 

He compliments you on things that aren’t just physical

It’s easy to notice something physical that we’re attracted to in someone, but it takes more time and effort to get to know someone on a deeper level and recognize the gifts and magic that are unique to them.

If a guy makes the effort to compliment you on things aside from your looks, that means he really sees you, and all of the beauty that runs through your soul.

He remembers things about you which you don’t even remember

Do you find him repeating things back to you or remembering things that you told him aaaages ago, or that you don’t even remember telling him at all?

This is one of the subtle signs that a guy is into you. Everything you say and do is important to him, so he remembers. Maybe it’s your favorite color, a city you wanted to visit, or your mom’s birthday. 

He remembers the details because what’s important to you is important to him too.

What he can’t say to you, his body will say for him

He’ll find excuses to touch you in a sweet, kind way, like softly touching your arm or putting his hand on your shoulder. He’ll lean in towards you when you’re chatting, and stand close to you whenever you speak. His eyes will be locked on you and only you. 

Even if he’s a man of few words, his body language will tell you everything you need to know. 

So if you’re wondering where you stand with a new man on the scene, open your eyes for these not so obvious signs he’s into you! It’s not always the tell-tale signs that give it away, but tuning into these signals can let you know where you stand. 

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