Joys of an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship: Advice and Insight

The Joys of an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship: Advice and Insight 

Have you ever realized that there isn’t a name for when a man dates a younger woman? It’s just considered to be historically normal. But when a woman dates a younger man, they’re branded a cougar because we tend to have names for things that are out of the ordinary. 

Since the creation of the term cougar, things have become a little more evolved. An older woman out with a younger man doesn’t cause as much of a stir as it is becoming more and more accepted. However, the use of this kind of terminology highlights the fact that there’s still inequality in how gender is treated along the dating lines. So if you looking for older woman younger man relationship advice, always keep front of mind that age is just a number and we should always be free to date whom we please!

But if you’re still unconvinced as to whether or not you should or could be dating a younger man, hopefully these reasons will open your mind.

Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Advice: Why Do It 

  • You may experience greater overall satisfaction in your relationship

According to a survey of heterosexual women who have partners significantly older, significantly younger, or of the same age, those with partners who are younger reported a greater overall satisfaction in their relationship. Research backs the fact that dating younger men can be better! 

  • You may experience more confidence and success in your career

Half of the women in a relationship with a younger man held higher managerial roles. Which is a rather impressive figure considering that only 33 percent of top jobs go to women overall. The statistic is believed to be because women who date younger men typically have increased confidence levels. They regularly ask out younger men and, in doing so, increase their confidence in a way that women who are asked out by older men don’t necessarily experience.

  • Sexual peak isn’t a real thing and you didn’t pass it when you were 35

There used to be a belief that men’s sexual peak was in their 20s (or even as low as 18) whereas women’s peak is when she’s around 35. The reality is that sexual peak isn’t a real thing and your sexual prime is whenever you feel fully comfortable embracing your sex drive and your interests in the bedroom. If you’re 50 and you’re only now realizing that you’re into certain things you never tried before, embrace it. But younger people are typically more experimental in the bedroom so you may find that you need a younger partner to keep up with your new interests.

  • Sexual peak isn’t real but stamina is

If you’re having sex with someone who is quite young, they may be a little inexperienced. But in general, younger men have more stamina and a shorter refractory period. Which means that, even if they do experience an orgasm, they’re ready for round two pretty quickly. Which can lead to higher satisfaction for women in bed and is just another perk of dating a younger man! 

  1. You’re in for a partner who appreciates your wisdom

With more life experience, older women are often wiser and stronger, having had more time to get to know themselves and overcome obstacles in life. Often they’re more independent and secure in themselves. For younger men who are looking for long term partners, a partner who is capable and sure of themselves is a very attractive trait. 

  1. Plain and simple, they can be more fun

On the other side of the coin, younger men, in general, are usually less burdened by responsibility and still up for some risking taking. Often they’re not yet in a place in their career where there’s a lot on their shoulders and they don’t yet have family responsibilities. They also tend to be more experimental in bed. Research has shown that an older woman with a younger man is more likely to have fun in the bedroom than a younger woman and an older man

Regardless of your reason behind dating a younger man, the only thing that really matters is how you both feel in your relationship. If you’re 50 and the man you’re dating is 35 and you’re both incredibly happy, should the reason why really matter? 

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