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Want to know what the ladies think about pickup?

Our survey of 100 single women in the US found that 81% of women don’t reject men immediately and 61% won’t exchange numbers if a guy is too pushy.

The results also revealed what group dynamics scare women off and how many girl-friends women like to roll with when they’re on a night out hunting guys!

Take a look at the infographic below to see more results from the survey.


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Here’s our take on the pickup metrics from the infographic

First, let’s dive in and look at how many men are in hot pursuit of the ladies:

  • There are 1.4 men chasing every 1 woman
  • 2.6 men chasing women who go out twice a week
  • 4 men chasing every hot babe

I bet you’re wondering how we distinguished the hot babes from our survey.

We flagged hot babes after cross tabulating the results to put the girls who have more men pursuing them under the microscope. In a nutshell the hot babes:

  • Have more men currently pursuing them
  • Are approached by more guys on a night out
  • Reject guys more often

The metrics above reveal the harsh truth that the woman you’re pursuing will likely have 1 or even 3 other guys chasing her.

A couple of hot babes from our survey actually have 8 men in hot pursuit, so you can see why it’s important you stand out from the crowd!

If you want to know how to stand out from all the other guys when texting a girl you like, check out our Best texting article here (its chock full of examples on how to text girls at every stage of the relationship).

Group Dynamics

Have you ever wondered how many girl-friends women like to go with when out on the pull?

Well now you know, because we discovered 43% go hunting in groups of 3 when out to meet men.

What was even more interesting is how preferred hunting companions decrease as women get older:

18-21 year olds – hunt in groups of 4
22-25 year olds – hunt in groups of 3
26-28 year olds – hunt in groups of 2

So why’s this happening?

We think it’s because younger women feel safer in larger groups and as women get older, more sexually experienced and know what they want on a night out, they prefer to reduce the numbers in their entourage.

Because the group dynamics of pickup are fascinating, we dug further and asked the women in the survey which group of 4 strangers they’d be most comfortable interacting with.

43% feel most comfortable meeting a mixed group of 2 men & 2 women.

Here’s a recap of the most approachable groups of 4:

2 women & 2 men – 43%
1 woman & 3 men – 35%
4 men – 12%
3 women & 1 man: – 10%

So why did the last group score so low?

It’s pretty interesting to see that a group of 4 men is less threatening than a group of 3 women and 1 man.

The reason for this is exactly the same reason why a group of 3 guys and 1 girl would be the most threatening group for us men to approach:

Why? – Competition.

In its most primal, Darwinistic nature, having too many girls in your group will scare off those looking in from the outside.

So remember guys, if you want to be an approachable group, try to make sure your entourage has at least one woman, but also that women don’t outnumber the men.


If you want to pickup girls in the day, it looks like you’ll need to start hitting Starbucks more often…

The top 3 places women prefer to be chatted up in the day:

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Park
  3. Museum / Art Gallery

This could also be another good reason to go for jogs in the park and brush up on your culture in the City Museum. But don’t go to the Museum too much or they’ll think you’re planning a heist 😉

The top 3 places women prefer to be chatted up at night:

  1. Bar
  2. Theatre / Comedy Club
  3. Gig / Concert


On a typical night out we discovered on average:

2 men hit on every woman
4 men hit on every hot babe

This means that if you talk to a girl early on in the night, it’s likely that another guy will hit on her later on after you leave.

So don’t ever assume you’re going to be the only guy texting her the next day, especially if she’s a hot babe.

Do men use pickup lines?

83% of the women we surveyed have had pickup lines used on them and if you’re afraid of rejection, 81% don’t reject men immediately, they give them a chance first 🙂

These are the top 3 reasons women reject men trying to chat them up:

  1. Poor Conversation
  2. Drunk
  3. Too Full On

Here’s the complete list of reasons men are rejected*:

44% Poor Conversation
41% Drunk
27% Too Full On
21% Ugly
16% Use Pickup Lines
14% Bad Timing – (they approach at an inappropriate time)
6% Badly Dressed

*Women were asked to provide their two main reasons

The most positive insights from the list above are that:

Being not so lucky in the gene pool is less important than what you have to say, you needn’t dress all trendy, and if you stay on top of your drinking, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding rejection.

Want Her Number?

61% of women refuse to give a man their number if he is too pushy or asks to soon.

Women won’t give their number to a man if he:

37% is too pushy
28% seems like a player
24% asks too soon
11% is drunk

The key to getting a woman’s number is to make sure you’ve built enough attraction in the first place.

If you’ve done this correctly the number exchange should happen naturally rather than it coming across as an awkward request.

Check out our texting course Options Texting to discover how to easily setup first dates with the girls you exchange numbers with.


So that’s a wrap! We had a lot of fun putting this infographic together and hope it has given you plenty to think about pickup. If you’re looking to learn from the best, check out our interview with 32 of the world’s best dating coaches and pick up artists here.

Make sure you share it with your friends to give them the facts and stats about pickup they’ve been dying to know.


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