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Let me guess, you’ve been using the Tinder for a few weeks (or months or years) and for reasons unbeknownst to you, you’re getting no matches on Tinder.

It’s frustrating to see the profiles of so many beautiful girls flitter by, and not match with any of them.

It totally sucks. But you shouldn’t blame yourself. And no, there isn’t anything wrong with you. You’re not ugly or uninteresting.

There are plenty of beautiful and fun women out there who would be lucky to meet you.

The reason you aren’t getting any matches right now, is largely down to the Tinder algorithm. And the many factors at play in the algorithm that determines whether or not your profile actually gets seen by the women you want to match with.

So let’s talk about what these factors are and how to fix your profile to get you the matches you want!

Why are you getting no matches on Tinder?

There are two big reasons you’re probably not matching with the women you want:

1. Your profile is bad
2. You’re at the back of the queue.

I’m not trying to be harsh but let’s get real.

Approximately 78% of Tinder users are male, with the remaining 22% of Tinder users being female.

Basically, women have a lot more men to swipe through. So you need to stand out in order to get more matches!

By having a great bio, memorable pictures, and by using the app correctly, you can get more matches.

And as a woman with plenty of experience on the site, I’m going to give you some basic do’s and don’ts of Tinder profiles. So let’s get to it!

1. Your profile is bad

your profile is bad on tinder

No, I’m not trying to be mean. But having spent a good amount of time on the app, I can tell you the fastest way for me to swipe left is when a guy only has one bad photo and a terrible (or non existent) bio.

Let’s be honest, how much effort did you put into your bio? If you wrote your height and then just threw up a list of emojis that are supposed to represent your personality, that’s not good enough.

While it is true that a woman might barely glance at your bio, there’s a big chance she will stop to read it.

When I’m going through the app, I get disinterested extremely quickly if a man’s bio has zero information about himself.

We genuinely want to know something about you, and to see what you really look like. So let’s get into how to make your profile stand out from the rest!

Don’t post selfies

While it may seem silly, you won’t get as many likes if you only have selfies.

1 selfie out of 5 pictures isn’t bad, but if your profile consists of 2 selfies taken at the same time, in the same clothes, in your poorly lit bedroom, women aren’t likely to swipe right. It makes it look like you don’t really care (even if you have a great outfit on).

What if you don’t have a mate around to take a picture for you?

Use the timer function on your phone! It’s always better to have pictures of you doing an activity, but if that’s not an option, then at least use a timer and take a decent picture.

And make sure you wear clothes! While some women might want to see your mostly naked body, others don’t (keep ‘em guessing right?). It sends the message you’re only here for one thing, and maybe you are, but it will appear like you aren’t interested in getting to know your match first.

Ideally, you should get people you hang out with to take pictures of you. While it might be awkward to ask at first, aren’t we always trying to look good for Instagram and Snapchat and whatever other apps you use?

So next time you’re chilling with your buddies or siblings or even coworkers, ask someone to take a picture of you. And make sure they don’t just take one, it’s better to have a selection to choose from.

don't post selfies otherwise you'll get no matches on tinder

Post a variety of photos

A profile is way more interesting when a guy has several photos taken in different settings. Having some pictures – with friends (girls and guys), alone, doing activities, and with your pet are all good to include.

There’s even websites to help to determine if your picture is good! Like that can help rate your photos based on factors such as how confident, fun, and authentic you look! If you’re unsure about a picture, this site can help you choose.

Personally, I love seeing photos of guys smiling and genuinely having fun. It’s great to post a picture of you posing and looking hot, we appreciate that for sure. But few things are more attractive than a genuine smile!

So flash those pearly whites and let us see pictures of you having fun! Of course, when you’re having fun you’re probably in a group, and group pictures are great. But there are a few things about that to keep in mind so let’s move on!

Don’t post tons of group photos

We women love seeing a man having fun with his friends. Out at a bar, chilling in a park, whatever it is you like to do. But if all of your photos are group pictures how are we supposed to know which one you are?

So let’s go through some things to avoid in the group photos you post.

  • Don’t just put emojis over your friends’ faces in group pictures, it’s tacky.
  • Don’t crop out your friends – it’s obvious (we can always tell) and looks weird to have part of your body cropped out of the picture.
  • Don’t just post photos of you and some hot women hanging off your arms at a club or party you were at.

I’m sure it was fun and that’s a great memory for you to have. But as a potential match, it makes you look like a jerk and I don’t want to feel like I’m competing with other women.

What we do want to see is you having fun with your friends, it shows us your social and like to have a good time!

So how many group photos should you have?

If you post five photos to your profile, then two group photos is an appropriate amount.

Ideally different combinations of friends or at least different settings are the best. And as we discussed above, no selfies!

The order of your pictures is also important. If your first profile picture is a group picture, I will probably just swipe left because I don’t feel like trying to figure out which one you are from the rest of your pictures!

So start your profile with one or two pictures of just yourself, where your face is visible, so it’s then easy to find you in a group picture!

Good natural lighting

This one may seem weird but it’s really simple and important to keep in mind. We all look a little bit better when we are outside in natural light.

Dark gloomy pictures don’t send an inviting message to potential matches. So get outside with your friends and take some pictures!

Whether that’s in your neighbourhood, when you’re out on a walk, chilling in a cool part of town, or even just out on a balcony.

Even if you’re taking a picture inside, having natural light shine through a window is softer and produces nicer photos.

Oh and don’t wear sunglasses in your Tinder photos. Seeing someone’s eyes is attractive and more inviting. It makes you trust the person more. So by not wearing sunglasses in your pics, you’re more likely to get matches.

Post pictures of your passions and hobbies

to get matches on tinder post your passions and hobbies

Let’s be honest here, it can be really hard to get a good sense of someone simply by looking at their pictures on Tinder. But that’s not always the case! I love seeing profile pictures of guys actually DOING something.

Posed photos are great because we get to see your handsome face. However it isn’t much of a conversation starter. Adding pictures of your passions and hobbies are a good way to pique the interest of women swiping through Tinder.

I’ve swiped right on plenty of guys simply because they have a photo of an activity or interest that I share or am curious about.

And this can be anything really! Artistic endeavours such as drawing, painting, photography, and tattooing are great things to include. Or sports, traveling, games, trivia, etc. you name it!

You never know what interest you will share with someone else! But make sure that it’s not the only thing you post pictures of.

For example, if your passion in life is motorcross, and all your photos are of you riding and posing by your bike…this can make you seem one dimensional. So mix it up. This way you’re more likely to find common ground with women on Tinder.

And if there are things you like that are difficult to photograph you can mention them in your bio instead (which we will discuss later).

I’ll be honest here, I’ve swiped right on guys simply because they had a cute photograph of them with a squirrel or a picture of them just chilling in a park with their bicycle next to them.

So whatever you like doing in your spare time, try to get pictures of you doing it!

Ok let’s move on to the bio…

Don’t post a generic bio

don't post a generic bio on Tinder

While it can feel really awkward writing a bio (my least favourite part for sure) it is really important. The bio provides a great opportunity to communicate a little bit more about yourself!

And any bio is better than no bio. It makes you look like a catfish or at least a bit sketchy if you have nothing in your bio. So write something in there.

There are some things to avoid when writing a bio. Don’t be demanding or describe what your “ideal woman” is. It’s demeaning for women who don’t fit exactly what you’re looking for and it gives a negative impression.

Instead of writing something like “Looking for a blonde girl, under 5’6” who’s good at cooking”, opt for something closer to “Looking for a fun girl to watch movies with and explore the city.”

One other key thing to avoid is just super generic things like “I love travel and sports.” Because in reality, so does pretty much everyone else.

I would also avoid kitchy trends like jokey reviews from your grandma or whoever. Also as we discussed before, don’t just write a series of emojis.

Let us know a bit about you. Comedy is always great but if that’s not your forte then don’t worry about it! If you speak more than one language, include that. If you’ve traveled a lot, tell us what countries you’ve been to. Tell us about your hobbies or a cute date idea you have for when you match with someone.

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(It’s the best way to get girls addicted to you on Tinder in the shortest space of time)

Include a conversation prompt in your bio

One good strategy is to include an easy conversation prompt or something that makes a potential match curious about you. Two truths and a lie is fun thing to include because when you match this creates an easy conversation starter for when you text her!

It can also be fun to ask for recommendations for something such as a good bar, music, or movies to watch. Again, when you match this becomes an easy thing to discuss and potentially do together!

If a girl stumbles upon your profile and immediately see’s something that she’s curious about, or something that makes conversation easy, she’s far more likely to want to swipe right on you.

Personalise your bio and include your Instagram

Attaching your Instagram profile to your Tinder compliments your profile and shows more personality. If she can see your Instagram, she can better gauge what you’re about, before she makes the final swipe verdict.

So does adding some of your favourite music. It’s always interesting when I look through a guys profile and see that he’s added an obscure artist that I really love too.

The more personalised the better. You want to show a snapshot of who you are.

Keep your bio short and sweet

While your profile on Tinder won’t be able to fully demonstrate who you are, it’s important to briefly demonstrate interesting things about yourself.

That being said, keeping it brief is important. I don’t want to scroll through several paragraphs about your entire life story and exactly what you want.

don't write a long bio on Tinder if you want to get matches

If you can keep it succinct and lighthearted, you’re more likely to get matches on Tinder.

And don’t worry. The matches you get on Tinder are not a reflection of your attractiveness or worth as a person.

When you present yourself as you are ー an interesting person with lots to offer – women will be open to getting to know you. So once you spruce up your profile with my pointers, you’ll be well on your way to getting more matches on Tinder 🙂

Ok this brings us onto the second big point as to why you might be getting no matches on Tinder right now:

2. You’re at the back of the queue

One mistake a lot of guys make is to just swipe right on every single profile.

This is not a good practice according to the algorithm that Tinder uses. If you indiscriminately swipe right on everyone, Tinder will likely flag you as a bot or assume you have zero standards and therefore not display your profile in anyone else’s queue.

However, if you selectively swipe right on the profiles of women that you’re attracted to, you will see more profiles like that, and likewise, show up higher in the girls’ queues too.

An alternate reason you might be getting no matches on Tinder is because you aren’t active enough.

If you don’t use the app frequently, you won’t be shown to other users.

Try to login daily, even if it’s just for 10 minutes or so. This will help tell Tinder you’re actively looking to find women to date.

So continue using the app but make sure you’re selective with who you like. Swiping right on 30-70% is an ideal range, so pay attention to who you are swiping on!

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Here are a few more tips for keeping ahead of the swipe queue and getting more matches on Tinder.

Be active and message your matches

Updating your profile picture and bio, and being more active on Tinder in general, will get you more matches.

And one of the best ways to stay ahead in the queues is to initiate or respond to messages with your matches.

So whenever you get a new match, try to get in the habit of initiating a conversation by sending the first message.

Yes, it can be difficult figuring out how to start a conversation with someone you match with. But Tinder gives you prompts and there are plenty of resources to help you figure out a charming way to start a conversation!

Some good tips are to compliment the person you are messaging. It’s always nice to receive a compliment, and be genuine about it.

What made you swipe right on that person? Tell them! Also, use their bio as a prompt. If they mentioned something interesting in their bio or something in their photographs stood out to you, mention that!

Don’t reset your account

if you're not getting any matches on Tinder don't reset your account

While it’s true that new profiles get extra visibility at first, it isn’t a good idea to keep resetting your account.

Tinder has become more harsh detecting profiles that are reset. So unless your profile is bugged, don’t reset it. Just follow the guidelines I’ve set out in this post and Tinder will reward you handsomely in the form of matches as a result 🙂

Send Superlikes

A “superlike” is a good way to express interest in a potential match!

It makes you more visible to her and indicates that you are genuinely interested.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t make you look too keen bean to superlike someone. The aim of the game with a superlike is to get your profile seen by the girl(s) you’re attracted to.

So utilize this feature. Because superliking someone will likely triple your chances of matching with them.

On the free version of Tinder you can superlike one person a day so use it wisely. But if you upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold you’ll get access to more superlikes.

There are other advantages of upgrading your Tinder account so let’s discuss that next.

No matches on Tinder? Try upgrading your account

Tinder offers several paid options that make your profile more visible (although Tinder cannot guarantee more matches).

With Tinder Plus, there are no limits on the number of profiles you can like in one day.

It also lets you go back and revisit a profile you might have accidentally swiped left on.

The “Passport” feature of Tinder Plus lets you view accounts outside your current location. So if you’ve already planned a trip, it’s a good way to get ahead of the game and match with some women so you can meet up once you get there.

You also get a profile boost once a month to make you more visible to potential matches and you can superlike 5 profiles per day, giving you an extra little boost to let a woman know you’re interested in her.

Tinder Gold has all the same features of Tinder Plus with one big bonus! You get to see the profiles of women who have already swiped right on you.

This means you can more selectively look at those profiles and see who you are attracted to and want to start a conversation with.

Tinder also has a separate feature that you can pay for to boost your account. So if you don’t want to upgrade your profile but want to be seen more, give it a try.

So to sum up your question:

Why am I getting no matches on Tinder?

There are two big reasons you’re probably not matching with the women you want – your profile is bad, and secondly, you’re at the back of the queue. i.e. you swipe right on every single girl which is bad for the algorithm.

If you want to get more matches take some better quality pictures of yourself, update your bio to something more eye catching and abide by Tinder’s algorithm to get seen by more women.

Wrapping it up

So there you go! I’ve outlined some simple and easy to follow guidelines to improve your profile and engage with the app better.

Be sure to post some flattering pictures of you, your friends, and activities you like to do. Don’t be shy, tell us a bit about yourself and get us interested.

And remember not to swipe right too much. Being selective will get you seen more. So don’t worry if you’re getting no matches on Tinder right now. This will soon change once you follow my steps 🙂


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