“I Didn’t Recognise You With Your Clothes On” Talking to Girls like 007 –

We all know James Bond to be a classic example of the Alpha male.

But is his success with women down to his rugged good looks, his heroic macho villain killing ways, or quite simply his amazing chat?

We show you why Bond’s articulated ways might just be his secret to unlocking all those beautiful girls’ hearts…

Honey: What are you doing here? Looking for shells?

Bond: No, I’m just looking.


Bond: My name’s James Bond and I’ve been admiring your form.

Domino: Really – your name’s James Bond and you’ve been admiring my form.

Admiring Swim Form

Volpe: [from the bath] Aren’t you in the wrong room, Mr Bond?

Bond: Not from where I’m standing.


Goodnight: I’ll keep the wine properly chilled.

Bond: And everything else warm, I trust?

Wine chilled Goodnight

Miss Taro: I’ll just go and put some clothes on.

Bond: Don’t go to any trouble on my account.

Don't get changed on my account

Bond: You’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.

Tatiana: Thank you… but, I think my mouth is too big

Bond: No, it’s the right size. For me, that is.

mouth too big

Bond and Goodnight taste the wine:

Bond: I approve!

Goodnight: You do??

Bond: Oh… not the wine. Your frock. Tight in all the right places….not too many buttons…


Bond: Meanwhile, how do you kill five hours in Rio… if you don’t samba?


Lisl: When you’re ready to go you can take my car

Bond: That sounds like a dismissal. I was rather looking forward to breakfast

Hoping for breakfast

Bond: Miss Anders! I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.

Don't recognise with clothes on

Verity: I see you handle your weapon well.

Bond: I have been known to keep my tip up.

Fencing tip up

Vesper: I can’t resist waking you. Every time I do you look at me as if you hadn’t seen me in years. Makes me feel reborn.

Bond: If you had just been born wouldn’t you be naked?

Reborn naked

Magda: You have a good memory for faces

Bond: And figures.

Faces and figures1

May Day: Someone will take care of you

Bond: You’ll see to that personally, will you?

See to that personally

Bond: That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.

Next to nothing

Magda: I don’t know how to say goodbye.

Bond: Actions speak louder than words.

actions speak louder than words

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Concluding Mr. Bond

It’s fair to say, Bond does have very good chat, although slightly on the pervy side at times!

In my opinion, Roger Moore is the standout champion. All you have to do is watch Octopussy to agree with me.

Its a shame that Bond’s dirty chat has been steadily filtered out as the years have gone by. I might write a formal letter to Sam Mendes (if he happens to direct the next Bond Film) to kindly suggest a return to the old James Bond ways.

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So which is your favourite Jame Bond line? Share your opinions in the comments below!



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