How To Flirt With A Guy: 5 Essential Tips

Do you consider yourself to be outgoing? It’s easy to take an online personality test and determine how comfortable you feel talking to new people. Indeed, some of us are more naturally gifted than others when it comes to socializing. Here we take a closer look at some ways you can learn how to flirt with a guy and feel great at the same time!

Let’s start off with a little exercise. Think back to your last date, did you find it daunting to maintain eye contact and chat easily? How about the last time you interviewed for a job facing a panel of total strangers?

Sometimes you can struggle to find the right words and it can feel like you don’t know the right thing to say. In these situations, all you do is talk from the heart. Remember, being yourself and flirting with confidence will help you make a great impression!

Meeting New People is Challenging

If you’re like most of us, there’s so much running through your mind while on a date that it’s hard to focus on the person’s words. There’s a lot at stake, and you don’t want to experience rejection. Typically, we encourage readers to take risks in the dating world, which is a prerequisite for finding love.

That being said we realize that if you don’t take risks, you might not get to your goal of finding a match. The skinny on how to flirt with a guy is being yourself and allowing him to see how wonderful you are.

5 Tips on How to Flirt With a Guy

Flirting with a man is not an exact science. When you are attracted to him, you’re more likely to feel a little nervous and make frequent movements. It may also be hard to follow the conversation because you are distracted by his smell, physique, or devilish smile. It’s important to breathe and remain calm so you don’t seem flighty or distracted.

1. Maintain an open body posture

On a date, you want a new man to like you. Encourage him to talk to you by conveying openness. Don’t sit too far away. Keep your limbs uncrossed and away from your torso. If you close or cross your arms or legs, these gestures could be perceived as protective. Keep your body pointed towards your date.

2. Lean forward

This type of body language shows you care what the man has to say and that you want to learn more about him. Leaning back could be perceived as disinterest or laziness. When you aren’t sure how to flirt with a guy, take it slow. Use the first date as a chance to do more observing than talking. If you’re nervous, you don’t have to make sudden moves or babble.

3. Touch your hair

When you play with your hair you’re openly flirting with a man. Whilst feeling your hair, keep your gaze focused on the man. In a one-on-one situation, touching your hair often indicates you’re attracted to him. The touch of your hair also helps you to calm your nerves.

Your date may smile in return, touch your hand, and feel encouraged to continue in the conversation. Every accidental contact between you can create a sensual energy. When the attraction is mutual, you both feel shocked by the electricity.

4. Smile

Smiling shows that you’re feeling positive and encouraged. It’s hard for a man to react negatively when you make him feel at ease. The alternatives are keeping your face devoid of expression, which is boring, and frowning, which reflects anxiety, anger, or unhappiness. If you feel nervous, breathe in first and then slowly exhale.

5. Listen and ask questions

When people are nervous, they can find it difficult to maintain a conversation. When they feel nervous, they can repeat themselves or say things that feel awkward. It’s okay to laugh, just not at him. If you keep smiling, nodding your head, and asking the occasional question, you could help him overcome his jitters.

Moving Things Forward

If you’ve met someone on a dating app, something triggered the connection. You liked his photo or he liked yours. You exchanged some messages, maybe even thousands before deciding to meet. Congratulate yourself on completing the first stage of modern dating!

Now, take a risk and go on a date together. This gives you the chance to flirt and explore any chemistry between you. If you aren’t sure how to flirt, you are like most people who need a few first dates under their belt before they feel confident.

Remember that sometimes you might feel an attraction on the phone, but meeting in person creates a different vibe. It’s okay to decide that you’re not interested! All that’s left to do is get out there and have fun. Good luck!

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