16 New Year’s Eve Pickup Lines As Told By Cats –

So it’s New Years Eve guys, you know what that means… the perfect opportunity to use some cheesy pickup lines on the ladies!

So here are 16 NYE themed gems which may or may not work for you! Remember it’s not what you say… but how you say it 😉

“Here I am. Now what were your other 2 new year’s wishes?”

Here I am

“So, do you have a new year’s resolution? I’m looking at mine right now.”

Do you have a new year's resolution?

“Can I be your first mistake of the new year?”

Can I be your first mistake of the new year?

“Got anyone to kiss at midnight?”

Got anyone to kiss at midnight?

“Alright girls, which one of you ordered a male stripper?”

Which one of you ordered a male stripper?

“That’s a nice 2018 dress! Can I talk you out of it?”

That's a nice 2014 dress

“Let’s ring in the new year with a bang!”

Let's ring in the new year with a bang

“My condom expires end 2017. Do you want to help me use it?”

My condom expires end 2013

“Nice party hat. Wanna f*ck?”

Nice party hat

“Someone said you were looking for me. I’m your new year’s resolution.”

I'm your new year's resolution

“Next year without you would be like a broken pencil…pointless.”

Next year without you would be like a broken pencil

Say to a girl shortly after the clock strikes midnight: “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but it’s 2017 now, right?”

Kiss me if I'm wrong but it's 2013 now right

“I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.”

I'm not drunk

“Can I be your new year’s wrecking ball?”

Can I be your wrecking ball?

“Screw it. I’m just gonna go for it.”

I'm just gonna go for it

(As she is leaving) “Hey aren’t you forgetting something? (What?) Me!”

Hey aren't you forgetting something?

So there you have it. Good luck! Maybe there will be more than just fireworks bangin’ for you tonight!

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Happy new year guys!


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