5 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Getting mixed signals from a man you know? Do you think he might be into you and want something more than friendship? If you answered yes to these questions, this he might be into you. So, what are you going to do about it? Before you overanalyze the situation, check out these 5 undeniable signs that he likes you for yourself.

The Background: How Guys Communicate

There are many ways a man could show that he likes you. These signs may be communicated online in a number of ways, be it through texts, pictures, asking to meet up. There are also signs you can’t miss when talking to him on the phone or over video chat.

If you meet in person, you might recognize the signs in his verbal and nonverbal language. While you may have joined a dating app to have fun, make new friends, or see who’s out there, remember each guy has his own intentions.

One sign you can recognize upfront is that he matched with you on the app and liked your picture. Here though we’ve chosen to focus on how guys show they like you once they’ve actually met you.

Our 5 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Whether it’s a guy who seems to be smiling at you a lot in the office, or someone you’ve already been on a few dates with, keep your eyes open for these tell-tale signals that he really does like you!

#1. He messages you every day

Once he has a way to contact you online or via smartphone, he’ll make a point of letting you know he’s thinking of you. After you meet in person, his messages are a nice reminder that he wants to maintain regular communication.

This is a tricky one because some people overdo this in the early stages of dating someone new. Let him know if it’s coming off too strong or setting unreasonable expectations.

#2. He freely shows signs of affection

A man who’s interested may show physical, subtle signs of attraction. Touching your arm, brushing up against you, patting your leg and hugging all count here. If this feels frequent compared with other dates you’ve had, it’s pretty clear he likes you.

However, also keep in mind that some people are less affectionate. A less expressive male may also have feelings for you, but be guarded and slow to reveal how much he likes you.

#3. He can’t wait to make plans to see you again

Some men and women take the dating game very seriously, and they’ll wait a certain number of days to see you again. These days, this is very old-fashioned. Even if it’s a few days or a week before your next date, an interested man will discuss what you might do together next time.

He’ll also get in touch with you before that date meeting and firm up the details. A spontaneous man could wait until the day of the meeting to finalize plans, but, hopefully, he’ll be talking to you in between dates and getting to know you better.

#4. He asks questions about your friends and family

A man who’s just meeting you for a casual date may not ask such questions. A person who likes you naturally wants to learn more about your past, your personality, and your interests.

When you meet on numerous dates, you’ll both get a feel for whether you’re a good match for something serious. When a man shows an interest in learning about you and the most important people in your life, it’s a sure sign he likes you.

#5. He leans toward you and smiles often

Honestly, if a man is attracted to you, he might want to pursue the connection and see if you’d be interested taking things a little further. If he’s leaning in towards you during much of your time together, he’s obviously interested in exploring this chemistry.

Don’t misinterpret him

Before losing any sleep over how things are going, especially those undeniable signs that he likes you, remember each man can interpret your reactions in different ways. For example, he could take your willingness to meet whenever he asks as a sign that you’re too available, or he could detect a high level of interest.

The main thing to keep in mind is when you’re dating someone new, don’t obsess over the details of every interaction. Be yourself and let things happen at their own pace!

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