12 Signs She’s Into You That You’re Missing

So you meet a nice lady, and you strike up a conversation. Before you know it, you’re on your second date, and you feel that something might have set your heart fluttering. But what if you’re not picking up on the signs she’s into you? Knowing if the person you’ve been going out with likes you can sometimes be tricky to spot; here are some tried and tested tips on how to do it.

Subtle Signs She’s Into You

1. She Laughs at Your Jokes

If a girl laughs at some of your stale, unfunny jokes, mark that down as a possibility she’s into you. Rogers and Hammerstein knew this was a fact when they wrote the lyrics, “Don’t laugh at my jokes too much. People will say we’re in love”. The point is not whether your jokes are funny. The point is, does she like you enough to find them funny? If she laughs out loud, the answer is probably yes.

2. She’s Always Smiling

Sure, some girls may smile all the time. But you can tell when a girl is fake-smiling or smiling because looking at you makes her happy. At this time, it’s a good idea to look at her and smile back.

3. She Wants to Make You Laugh

Her teasing and little sarcastic jabs are there to make you laugh and feel comfortable with her. Sure, it’s a bit elementary school-ish, but it most certainly one of the classic signs she’s into you.

Some More Straightforward Signs She Likes You

4. Private Jokes

She comments and “likes” what you say on your social media posts. She begins to share things with you in direct messages. When she improvises off a private joke you share, consider that a very, very good sign.

5. Caring gestures

If your new love interest spends time looking for ways to care for you, that’s pretty much a game-changer. The more she offers to help you out with projects at the weekend or brings you coffee in the mornings, the more you can be confident that she’s into you.

6. Relaxing

This stage of the relationship is a sure-fire way to know that she’s into you, and it is the beautiful feeling that she is relaxed when she is with you. The most obvious sign of this is being to share moments in silence together.

A Few Positively Sure Ways to Know She’s Into You

7. The Little Things Are Big

When she wants to be by your side when doing even the most mundane tasks, she likes you. She’s happy going to the laundromat, the grocery store, or sitting with you when you both are reading. When being with you for no reason other than being there happens, you’ve reached new heights.

8. Compliments

She gives you genuine compliments, and not always about the way you look. Still, it’s good to know that if she likes you, she will tell you are looking good even when you aren’t to anyone else!

9. Casual Touching

Both men and women show little physical signs of affection when they’ve found someone they like. So, pay attention to these physical signs she’s into you.

Whether she’s brushing against your arm or resting her hand on your knee, that kind of casual touching is undoubtedly a message that she likes you big time.

The “If You Don’t Notice These Signs, You’re Not Into Her” Signs

10. Glances

If her glances meet with your glances and your eyes lock often, get the picture, please. Smiling and exchanging looks are how relationships begin. You’ll know it when you feel it.

11. Mirroring

Sometimes subconsciously, or sometimes deliberately, the person you are with will start acting like you, or taking the same position, or posture. This phenomenon is called mirroring, and in many cases it means the person talking to you likes you.

The American Psychological Association says a newly discovered type of neuron, called a mirror neuron, responds equally when we perform an action and when we witness someone else experiencing the same activity. Cool, right?

12. Trying New Things

If a person feels a connection, she is likely to give new things a try. If she’s comfortable with you and enjoys your company, she is going to hang around for at least another date! Relationships are all about growth and experience, so see this as a very positive signal.

Things to Remember

We all know that our bodies usually let us know how we are feeling, sometimes before we even know it in our brain. Humans are also adept at sending messages to another person even when we don’t know we are doing so.

You’ve had it happen before. Your friends know you like someone before you do, in many cases. And, as we noted in the beginning, your mom will know when you have a crush before you even say you’ve met someone. Our best advice is to pay attention to the obvious and subtle signs that she’s into you and follow up with more information about the dating scene on the Date Mix!

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