The 12-Day Valentines Day Challenge


Feeling luckless in your quest for a date?

You’re not to blame.

It’s deep winter – a harsh and dangerous climate to find a mate. Even for a randy polar bear.

The combination of Dry January and Post-Christmas blues has sent everyone into hibernation.

And only 12 days separate today and Valentines Day.

So if you fear a February 14th fapping marathon is on the cards, you need a new game plan.

Something that plays hibernation to it’s advantage and shows you how to get a date FAST…

With this in mind, I’m going to set you a challenge.

With just 12 days left until the BIG day, let’s get you a hot date.

It’s the perfect amount of time to get your hands dirty with mobile dating, score a couple of first dates, and then choose your favourite to wine and dine for a second date on Valentines Day.

I’ll show you how to get there, every step of the way.

Getting a date with a girl you like: Your 12 day action plan

Spoiler alert: Don’t expect an easy ride… You’ll be getting a military style action plan of daily tasks you HAVE to complete.


To get started all you need is:

  • A mobile phone
  • 12 days of utter dedication

This crash course will help you get up to speed with the dating Apps people are using, discover how to get tons of matches, and improve your texting skills to get dates.

FAST TRACK: If you want to use this challenge to find a girlfriend, then check out the Girlfriend Activation System to turn one of your matches into a serious relationship.

It’s going to be intense. Tears will be shed, but hearts will NOT be broken…hopefully.

So are you ready to get more success than a randy polar bear?

It’s time to get a date for Valentines Day and laugh in the face of winter.

Day 1

First things first with Mobile Dating. Photos mean everything.

Your photos need to jump off the page and grab the reader’s attention. Much like a punchy news headline.

There are three ways to achieve this.

  1. Be drop dead gorgeous
  2. Use Photoshop
  3. Be original (and use Photoshop)

Most of us can disregard number 1 as an option.

So lets utilize what skills we have available to enhance our average looks and glamorize our non-rock star lifestyles.

Yes, this might seem like a shameless exercise, but what the heck, everybody does it.

Most of the Dating Apps allow you to add five photos as part of your profile.

So for todays task cherry pick your best five.

If you struggle to find any good ones,then get snap happy. Ideally with a white background behind you (I’ll come to that in a second).

Here are some pro tips for choosing photos

The Dos

  • Make your profile photo a conversation starter. Something that gives girls an ‘easy in’ to chat (see example below). Use props, a funny background, or an activity like a ski scene.
  • Include photos to show you’re high status and interesting. Group photos with the lads, or photos of you surrounded by women. Anything that shows you’re fun and the life of the party.
  • It’s all in the mix – close ups of your face as well as photos showing your body. Fun party photos as well as a serious photo of you in a suit to show you’re GQ worthy, got style and all about the business.
  • Photoshop and Instagram are your new best friends. Get an instant tan by increasing saturation, or use Instagram’s X-Pro II filter.
  • Be original. Photoshop yourself with celebrities. Show your sense of humour.


The Don’ts

  • No topless gym photos, and definitely NO dick pics (unless you want to attract skanks & trailer trash)
  • No photos older than 2 years. You want girls to be able to recognize you on the first date.
  • Avoid selfies. One is acceptable. And group selfies are OK too. But 5 selfies of just you in the picture looks tragic. Girls will think you have zero friends.
  • No arty photos that conveniently hide your face. This screams ugly and insecure.

Here are some examples for you.

The conversation starter:

Girls frequently open me with this chestnut of a photo. Typical first texts are something like this:


Mad Photoshop Skillzz:


Ok so probably a bit too much fake tanning… but you get the gist.

If you want to go Photoshop crazy, take your photos on a white background. So it’s like a professional photo shoot. It’s then way easier to crop yourself out and overlay on celebrities.

Day 2

It’s registration time.

I’ve hand picked the best six mobile dating apps to get your teeth stuck into.

Download them all. They’re free. Start uploading your photos and get a feel for how they work. But don’t go hunting for matches just yet.

1. Tinder – 9 billion matches and counting. Find girls nearby and swipe right to like. If they swipe right you back, it’s a match. You can now start texting.

2. Bumble – Similar to Tinder but with a twist. Only the girl can get in touch first. She must send the first text within 24 hours of matching otherwise the match is erased. Snooze you loose kind of thing.

3. OkCupid – This is a good App if you’re looking for a serious relationship over a casual hookup. And if you’re into international dating.

4. POF (PlentyOfFish) – cast your net far and wide with the most popular dating App after Tinder. Like OkCupid, POF has an online dating site profile setup. With height, looking for, and interested in amongst other categories.

5. Hinge – Meet women through your friends. Ye ole fashioned way. The algorithm matches girls who have mutual Facebook friends with you, rather than complete strangers.

6. Happn – Match with people you physically cross paths with. If you want success with this App, escape your man cave and flock to the busy streets.

Your last task for the day is a bit of a slog…

Write a short bio for your profile. Basically sell yourself in fewer than 100 words. Nail it first time round, then copy and paste into all six dating profiles.

PRO TIP: Create a fake female account and search for men. See what guys write in their bios and then rinse their originality 😉

And don’t think you can skip this part. You’ll get bucket loads more matches for putting the time in and writing something golden.

Day 3

Now to get military with operation: Texting Binge.

For today’s task, focus on just three Apps.

I’d suggest starting with Tinder, Bumble and POF.

How to Get Matches

Now before you commence your quest for matches, I’ll break down the two ways you can go about doing this.

Option A) Slowly and meticulously scroll through every girl’s profile, look at all her pictures and interests before deciding whether to swipe right.

Option B) Wear imaginary beer goggles and swipe right for EVERY girl who comes up on your screen at a speed of 3 per second.

Go for Option B. You’ll get thumb pain by the end of the day from repetitive strain injury, but it’s totally worth it. The more matches you get the better. You can practice new texting skills with nothing to lose.

Even if you get matched with total garbage, it’s a perfect opportunity to practice different openers and try outrageous lines to test what works…Like this:


Now you’ve got matches, it’s down to your texting skills to start setting up dates.

But before you start, make sure to avoid making any one of these 21 mistakes when you’re texting a girl. And you won’t go drastically wrong.

Experiment with five different openers. Copy and paste, then monitor the response rate to see what works best.

If you’re struggling to know how to start a conversation on Tinder or on the other dating apps, I usually go for a variation of three different angles.

1. The cheesy jokey opener: “Hey [FIRST NAME], where have you been my whole life?”

It’s puke worthy yet get’s a surprisingly high response rate for me.


2. A question game opener: “Tea or coffee?”, or “Daddy’s girl or rebel child?”

3. The inquisitive opener: Stalk her photos and find something of interest you can bring up. “Naughty ski outfit – is that in Aspen, Colorado?”

4. The ‘last ditch attempt to get a date’ opener:


Try to get as many matches as possible and start opening. Play with the conversations and transition to getting digits. Because you don’t want to forever be contacting your prospects on the dating Apps.

Here’s a couple of examples of how I ask for a girl’s number:




Once you get a girl’s number, text her on that. You’ll seem less like a stranger and it’ll be easier to set up a date 🙂

Day 4

It’s operation Texting Binge – strike 2. This time rinse repeat Day 3’s task with the remaining three Apps.

Focus on getting matches with Hinge, OkCupid and Happn.

Keep an eye on response rates, and look to be locking down numbers to transition onto WhatsApp or IM.

Challenge yourself. Try and get 10 girls to hand over their digits. The more the merrier!

And don’t forget the girls from yesterday. Keep up the texting banter.

With time you’ll learn to juggle. It’s a nice feeling when your phone lights up with messages from six different girls.

Start getting used to it 😉

Day 5

Now to get down and dirty with the stats and analyze your performance over the last two days.

Start by reading back on all your interactions and take notes.

Be heavily critical. If your openers don’t work, change them. If you came across overtly sexual, tone it down.

You’ll start to see a clear pattern in the mistakes you make. These mistakes are ultimately turning girls cold, and blowing your chances of setting up a date.

Be brutally honest with yourself. If your texting skills suck balls then it’s time to discover how to text girls the right way.

Day 6

Today is going to be intense. And extremely handsy.

With your newfound texting skills, it’s time to step it up a gear and get some dates confirmed in the diary.

Go crazy with all six dating apps. Glue yourself to the phone and start setting up as many dates as your thumbs can handle.

Days 8 -10 are reserved for first dates. Start booking girls into these allocated slots after reading the following tips.

How to get a date locked down

1. Avoid open ended questions. E.g. “Are you free Thursday night?”

Free for what?! Don’t assume she’s telepathic. For all she knows, you might as well be inviting her round for a family dinner. Instead, be clear about your intentions with her.

2. Be dominant.

Girls want you to take command when organizing the date. So rather than (again) asking “Are you free Thursday night?” Instead use the word ‘Let’s’ like this:


PRO TIP: A great way to get a date locked down is to casually drop the idea into conversation. And allow the banter to naturally progress to setting it up.

One easy way – Use beer pong as bait to invite her out for drinks.

Start by bantering about who’s better at beer pong. Tell her you’re major league but reckon she’s got a mean throw on her etc.

As the banter progresses, casually say something like this:

“I challenge you to a duel”.
“Let’s settle this once and for all Thursday night.”
“I’ll get the beers, you bring the cups. Are you in, or you out?”

It’s a great way to drop the date card early in the conversation so you can start setting up dates sharpish.

Here’s a couple of mine to help:


And joking about horses:


Your final task for today is a big motivation booster…

I want you to book a table for two in advance for Valentines Day.

Right now!

But before you book it, I have a small request…

The restaurant must be within 10 minutes walk of your place. (If that’s not geographically possible – as close to home as you can!)

You’ll find out why the restaurant’s location is important later on…

So why am I getting you to book now? Two reasons.

1. Restaurants get booked out well in advance before Valentines Day. So book now to avoid disappointment. (no brainer)

2. I’m 100% confident you’ll get a second date to fill your reservation if you continue to follow my 12 Day Challenge!

Day 7

Now you’re getting dates lined up, it’s time to tidy up your Facebook page.

Understandably, online dating has the ‘stranger danger’ stigma attached to it. Women need to feel 100% comfortable before meeting up. So connecting on Facebook is a savvy way to remove her negative doubts.

But before you go ahead and accept your new lady friends, it’s time for a spring clean and an opportunity to hide any skeletons in the closet.

So get ready to un-tag any embarrassing drunk photos.


That means removing anything involving nudity, dry humping, vomit action shots, and facial expressions resembling something straight out of a gurning contest.

Same goes for profile pictures – the first stalking point of call for any new friend.

Delete anything suspicious looking, and ensure your current profile picture is up-to-date and photoshopped to perfection 😉

PRO TIP: Before accepting new friend requests, upload a cool album. Something that gives social value – a recent holiday, a new car, photos with your family etc.

Days 8-10

Clear your diary. The next three days are RESERVED DATE NIGHTS.

Book in as many dates as humanly possible.

Chances are you’ll either get a flaker or a complete psycho amongst the selection. So power in numbers will prevent you from being left high and dry.

The more girls you date, the greater the chance of meeting someone who’s girlfriend material. Or better… unicorn material.

So if you’re working a 9-5 job, aim for three evening dates. If you’re not restricted by time, schedule in six.

Six dates might seem like a lot. But don’t worry, it’s easily manageable.

Split the days up with lunch time coffee dates and evening drinks.

First Date Tips

Always ask a girl out for ‘a drink’. Not drinks pleural.

The psychology of dropping the ‘S’ works wonders for confirming a meetup. It makes the date seem less like an event, and more like a casual / non committed affair. So you can both leave at the drop of a hat if things turn dull.

No dinner dates. The setting is way too formal for a first date. Plus, if the girl turns out to be a nutter, you’re locked into an awkward night of conversation with no exit strategy until the bill arrives.

Never try to seek a girl’s validation by asking stupid questions like “Are you enjoying yourself tonight?”. It’s just plain weird.

Same goes for trying to arrange a second date whilst in her company on the first date. Don’t do it! Try and avoid awkwardness at all costs.

Instead, simply concentrate on having fun in the present. Show her a good time, and she’ll be hungry for a second date.

Pro tip: Use future pacing (an NLP technique) to smoothly transition to the second date.

What is future pacing?

Future pacing is the process of creating a positive mental imagery for the girl whereby she pictures you both doing an activity together in the future.

Here’s an example to explain it better:

On the first date, you discover you’re both massive foodies and share a love for seafood.

You can future pace like so:

“I stumbled across an incredible seafood restaurant the other day… They make the BEST crab linguine in town… I’ll have to take you there sometime…”

Focus on how she reacts. If positive, use this as bait for when you next text her. It’ll be easy to set up a second date.

Fixing the Second Date

There’s no time to rest and recouperate. Only two days left until the challenge finale.

It’s time to filter out the stable scraps and hang on to the keepers.

Now this is where you have to be careful. You might have eyes for one girl only. But I recommend you play an insurance bet. Just incase the ‘chosen one’ flakes on you.


Wittle down your interests to a minimum two lucky girls. And begin sexting.

You want to set your intentions early, otherwise you risk being friend-zoned.

Start expressing desire, use sexual innuendos, and get her gagging to meet up with you again. Sex should be the only thing occcupying her mind 😉

Confirm the ‘chosen one’ is free for the second date (Valentines Day), then go easy on the runner ups. But don’t burn bridges.

You can keep the runner ups on standby for next week instead. Incase the ‘chosen one’ doesn’t turn out to be so special after all.

Day 11

Dust off the grooming kit and prepare for a spring clean. You need to spruce up for tomorrow’s BIG second date.

Nothing should hold you back. So be fully prepped for every eventuality. And by that I mean…whatever dirty thoughts pollute your mind 😉

Because unless you’re mentally and physically ready for sex, it just won’t happen on the night.

So let’s start with the bedroom and finish with your balls.

The Boudoir

Stock up your bedside draw with condoms, lube, and any kinky gear you like to keep within arms reach.

Take a pillow count. Got less than four? Go out and buy a few more. Girls love a pillow fortress.

Wash the bed sheets. Give the place a dust. Just common sense really… you don’t want to bring a girl back to a cesspit of filth. She’d be out the front door quicker than you can unbutton your shirt.

The same goes for the rest of your man cave. It needs to be spotless.

PRO TIP: Candle’s are a girl’s best friend. Buy a truck load of red candles (the colour of passion) and litter your place with them.


When you bring a girl back, turn on background music and light the candles during the opening song.


Your back, sack and crack. Enough said.

Day 12

It’s Valentines Day. And this year you’re not going to be alone!

But word of warning. Play it cool.

Don’t unleash ‘cringe romantic’ mode before tonight. Or you’ll most definitely be flaked on or ghosted.

Remember it’s just the second date. That means… no flowers, no chocolates, and definitely no oversized teddy bears.

And this also applies to texting. No sending “Happy Valentines Day” before the date. You’ll scare the poor girl off.

Simply text to confirm she’s coming. But nothing needy and boring like “Are you still on for 8pm tonight?”

Be subtle. Assume she’s coming and get her excited by providing a fun itinery:


Book a restaurant within 10 minutes walk from your place (Ideally you reserved a table in advance on Day 6).

The closer the date venue is located to your apartment the better. It’s your best shot best at getting lucky tonight. Especially if you follow the sex date routine…

The sex date routine

  1. 20 minutes before the date, text the girl you’re running a bit late. Spontaneously invite her round for a quick pre-dinner glass of wine whilst you finish up work.
  2. Greet her at the front door with a glass of wine and invite her upstairs.
  3. Spend 10 minutes pretending to work whilst she explores your home and becomes comfortable in your surroundings.
  4. Take her out to a restaurant, go for drinks, and later invite her home for even more drinks.

Why do all this?

Now the girl knows where you live, and she’s familiar with your surroundings, she’ll be 100 times more likely to say YES to coming home with you for the night 😉

And always, always…ALWAYS keep your flat well stocked with alcohol. You can’t go wrong if you’ve got the following drinks in reserve. Red and white wine, gin, vodka, lemonade, coke, and tonic water.

Never bring a girl back to an alcohol-free apartment. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail my friend.

Wrapping it all up

The 12-Day Challenge might be a bit too military for your liking. But then again, sometimes we must go to the extremes to get what we want!

The aim of this post was to show you a simplified step-by-step process of how to get a date with Mobile Dating. So hopefully I’ve done just that, if nothing else 🙂

Good luck in your quest for dates and happy swiping!


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