I Tried The LELO SONA 2 Travel Vibrator On A Weekend Trip

You can learn a lot about someone from traveling with them — and sometimes, that isn’t exactly a good thing. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect travel companion, one that won’t be too demanding about sticking to a strict schedule. The catch? It’s a sex toy, one meant exclusively for bringing on vacay. You can plan a solo sexy weekend away (or even with others) and make time to *really* enjoy yourself.

As a sex and relationships writer, I’ve tried over 100 different sex toys, but there’s one that has remained my all-time favorite: the LELO SONA Cruise 2, a clitoral vibrator that uses suction and sonic waves to push you over the edge. I’d go as far as to say that it was once my most prized possession — I even gifted one to the iconic feminist adult film director Erika Lust. It’s safe to say I am a fan and want everyone else to experience the magic, too. So when LELO came out with their newest iteration of the Cruise, the SONA 2 Travel, I was first in line to get my hands on one.

As someone who’s always on the move, I’ve long been on the search for a travel-friendly sex toy. To me, that means being discreet, small, holding a charge for a long time, and fitting in my suitcase without alerting the TSA or the friends I’m traveling with.

In the spirit of truly putting it to the test, I decided to take my new SONA 2 Travel on a quick weekend getaway — just me, myself, and the vibrator. Here’s what I found.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $99.
  • Best for: folks who prefer to control the intensity.
  • My rating: 4.5/5.
  • Brand: LELO.
  • What I like: It’s small (3.43 inches) and easy to throw in a bag, includes a locking feature, has a long-lasting charge, and is just as effective as the original.
  • What I don’t like: it’s a bit louder than the larger version.

The SONA 2 Travel

Before my getaway — a staycation at a cute hotel in NYC — my new toy was delivered to my front door. Like the Cruise, the SONA 2 Travel is a clitoral massager that can’t be inserted. It has 12 different modes: a straight vibrational feel, various pulsing options, and a few different waves of stronger sensations too. The toy also features SenSonic technology, which is just a fancy way of saying it uses sonic ways to further stimulate the clitoris.

It’s smaller than the original, similar to a small apple, and fitting in the palm of your hand. It’s marketed as a tiny vibrator meant especially for traveling, giving you quick access to orgasms anywhere. Before I tried it, some initial thoughts:

SONA 2 Travel’s Design & Packaging

When I opened the box, at first glance I noticed that the SONA 2 Travel looks just like a mini version of the SONA Cruise. It was like seeing a tiny, cute version of the toy I already know and love — and by definition, it is.

It has a wave-shaped handle, and a small tip that extends and stimulates the clitoris. I got the light pink color with rose gold on the back, but it also comes in purple. I did notice when turning it on and holding it, thumbing through the 12 different modes, that they were identical to that of the Cruise, but it seemed a little louder than the original.

While it didn’t come charged straight out of the box (a pet peeve of mine), I charged it up and threw it in my overnight bag.

How To Use The SONA 2 Travel

When I got to my hotel, I took a bubble bath, had a glass of wine, and dried off before heading to the huge California-king bed. Although the toy is completely waterproof, and I could have used it in the tub, I usually prefer less water. (Pro tip: Water actually washes away your body’s natural lubrication, making you more sensitive, but not always in a good way.) Plus, ditching the water and adding in lube can enhance the sensations you experience — my favorite is the Bloomi smooth water-based personal lubricant.

Once I got comfortable, I started thumbing through the different modes again. With only three buttons — a center one that turns it on and switches between modes, and two that can be pressed on either side to control intensity — I pressed the tip against me and played around with the settings. It’s super easy to navigate in the heat of the moment.

I had read that the toy came with an updated sonic wave technology, which allows for gentle clitoral stimulation. The sonic waves use sonic pulses that don’t just vibrate, but pulse to reach deeper into the internal structure of the clitoris. I noticed that I barely had to touch myself with it at all to feel something. If I pressed it firmly against myself, it was more intense, and if I held it slightly above my skin, I could control the level of stimulation. I found this to be really fun to play with, using it to edge myself over and over.

How Well Does The SONA 2 Travel Work?

Let me just say: This toy may be small, but it is mighty. I’d rate it a 10/10 on how well it works. I loved that I could have control, take my time, and not reach climax too quickly. However, if you’re in a rush to get to your dinner plans and looking for something quick and easy, this toy can do that, too.

I did reach orgasm — it was a deep, lingering orgasm that lasted for several seconds and then left my body feeling tingly overall. And the toy was just as sexy and fun as I’d expected it would be. In some ways, it feels extremely customizable, and you can get there in so many ways: using less contact, pressing it up against you for more intensity, and trying out the selection of modes for different sensations. I personally loved the waves of the stronger sensation, which started out as a gentle pulse and rolled up to a deep feeling rumble that radiated through the body.

The Final Verdict

Overall, it feels like an extension of an old friend, and I’ll be bringing it along again when travel plans arise. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. I think this is a great toy for anyone looking to spice up their daily (and travel) life.

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