Do They Still Exist? And If So, What Are They?

In recent years, dating has changed and so have the dating rules for women!

These rules aren’t meant to restrict women. Instead, they exist to empower them! Each woman is free to decide her own.

Laying down the law when it comes to relationships is key to leading a fulfilling life. 

That’s why having a guide to reference what you should do if someone is taking advantage of you or how to handle a break-up can be useful. 

So, here are our 6 dating rules for women who want to be happy!

6 Modern Dating Rules for Women

Know your dealbreakers

Dealbreakers are your non-negotiables and they’re pretty easy to determine. 

They’re the things that would immediately turn you off of a potential partner. 

For example, would you date a smoker? Do you mind if your potential partner has different political beliefs than you? What if they don’t want kids?

It’s important to keep your dealbreakers well-defined and (preferably) few in number. 

Having a bunch of them may result in a very small dating pool. This could prevent you from meeting someone special!

Stay open-minded

Now that you know your dealbreakers, one of our top dating rules for women is to be open-minded. 

This means being open to romance arriving in any shape or form. No matter if it’s job, location, or hobbies. 

Instead of focusing on what kind of person you think your date should be, concentrate on how they make you feel. 

Do you feel happy with them? Are you attracted to them? Do they support you and make you laugh?

In most cases, these things will provide the basis for a fulfilling relationship much more than a nice suit or an impressive college degree.

So spend more time getting to know who your dates truly are and less time trying to fit them into a box. 

Pay more attention to actions than words

It’s so easy to get swept up with sweet nothings and flirty text messages when you have a new crush. 

But while romantic quotes are great to hear, sometimes what’s most important in the early stages of dating is action and follow-through. 

Not only is that a good sign they’re someone of their word, but it also shows that they’re interested in you. 

And if a person is constantly canceling dates and ghosting you? That probably means they’re not a good match.

Don’t play games

Forget your “I won’t text back until they text me first” or the “I’ll wait three days to call back” mentalities.

When we start to play games with our potential S.O., we risk losing them because we’re not showing them how we feel. 

Sure, being vulnerable can feel daunting. But if your date is creating a safe space for you to share your feelings, then feel free to open up! It’ll move your relationship forward leaps and bounds. 

And if their energy makes you feel uncomfortable sharing your truth? Then this could be a relationship red flag.

Always try to be patient

As much as we would love for our successful dates to plan a second one ASAP, that’s not always realistic. 

We have all commitments and sometimes life just gets in the way!

So if you haven’t heard back from that great date you had last week, relax. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Or why not contact them yourself? It’s 2020, who said women couldn’t make the first (or second) move?

It’s okay to take a dating break

Sometimes we can put a lot of stress on our dating life.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s ok to take a break if you’re feeling burnt out. It’s healthy even! 

Avoid forcing anything. Concentrate on nurturing yourself to become the best version of you! 

When it comes to dating rules for women, it’s important to be true to yourself and what you’re looking for. 

Just choose the rules that work for you, forget the rest, and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

What matters most is that they guide you to a full and happy life!

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