How to Be a Natural with Women

When you think of role models, famous sportstars and entrepreneurs immediately spring to mind.

Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Elon Musk and Richard Branson to name a few.

But what about role models for pickup?

If you’re passionate about this stuff and want to improve with women, then no doubt there is a famous alpha male you aspire to be like.

Whether it’s smooth talker James Bond or Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, I’m sure there is someone who makes you think “Duuude, I want to be that guy!”

For me, that guy is Hank Moody. Mutha fuckaaaaa!

(Apologies if you didn’t get the reference)

Hank Moody is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the hit TV show, Californication.

He’s a writer who leads a debauched lifestyle of boozing, drug taking, and serial womanizing.

OK so maybe he’s not your stereotypical role model

But this guy is quite possibly the best example of a ‘natural’ with women you’ll ever find.

Why is Hank Moody so good with women?

hank moody natural

He’s your typical badboy – a troublesome, indifferent, self-destructive guy with that irresistible charm and playfulness about him girls find impossible to resist.

Whether it’s his asshole persona, his witty humour, nonchalent attitude or childish behaviour, there is so much you can learn from watching Hank Moody in action.

I could literally write a book on him.

But in an attempt to avoid spewing verbal diarrhoea, I’ll keep this brief.

In this post I will deconstruct some of Hank Moody’s best scenes from Californication to show you why he is such a natural with women.

Oh and if you haven’t watched Californication yet, all 7 seasons are available on Netflix. Go binge away. It will quite literally change your life 😉

First off, let’s see how Hank Moody picks up more than just groceries in the supermarket:

He is SUCH a rockstar. Don’t you agree? Apologies in advance for my blatant man crush. I have no shame.

But I’m sure you can see why this guys got it. He’s a complete natural.

So lets quickly breakdown exactly what it is that Hank does so well in this scene.

He’s indifferent – he totally ignores surfer girl whilst he’s pushing the trolley around. Most hot girls are used to guys drooling over them, but Hank doesn’t give her that satisfaction.

He’s sexual from the get go – Hank opens with “Yikes”. A playful non-creepy opener to straight away turn things flirty and avoid the friend-zone.

He’s totally chill – look at the way he leans up against that shopping trolley. He’s more laid back than a stoned sloth.

His relaxed body language reaks confidence and shows surfer girl he’s well versed in talking to hot women, and therefore immune to her beauty.

He has an expressive voice – notice his variations in tonality? Hank is very expressive with his choice of words and varies his tonality brilliantly to build the sexual tension. “wine is fiiiiiine, but whiskey is quicker!”

His push pull technique is on point – Hank is always the one to end the conversation. He draws surfer girl in, peaks her interest, and then quickly turns his back on her to continue shopping. This drives her crazy for more attention.

He’s a playful man child – Hank never takes things seriously. Most guys would answer her wine question literally, but Hank on the other hand plays with the question and quotes Ozzy Osbourne.

He gives zero fucks – OK so I’m not endorsing the idea you should light up down the vegetable aisle in Wallmart, but this pretty much sums up Hank Moody.

He really doesn’t give a shit what people think. This is such a great trait to have as a seducer, because with this, he never fears rejection.

Heck he even has the balls to try it on with the cashier after she rolls her eyes at witnessing Hank and surfer girl flirting!

Up next let’s focus on the 3 key traits that makes Hank Moody such a natural with women:

  1. Playfulness
  2. Indifference
  3. Not giving a shit

Firstly let’s see how Hank’s playful personality allows him to initiate the seduction.


This is a scene with Kali, a girl Hank’s already banged. But Kali’s got a jealous boyfriend who would probably murder Hank if he found out she was cheating on him!

“Don’t do that…don’t look like that and talk like that…it makes my wiener feel weird”

What a great line.

Not only does this playfully show he’s sexually interested in her, but it also gets Kali staring down at Hank’s crotch and visualizing him naked.

Hank then begins his seduction – he chooses to apply the push-pull technique by turning away her kiss.

Then later, after Kali tells him how a bodyguard looked at her in an impure manner, Hank reigns it back in by responding with:

“Like there’s any other way…to look at you”

The more you watch Hank Moody in action, the more you realise how much his playful child-like personality plays a big hand in his seduction technique.

Why is playfulness so important in seduction?

Because being playful allows you to be overtly sexual without coming across creepy.

Think about that for a second.

Imagine having a serious chat with a girl about your job, or about the impending nuclear war with North Korea, when suddenly you tell her you have a raging hard-on. She’d be freaking out right?!

Playfulness is the first ingredient in the recipe of seduction.

Next let’s get a better glimpse of how Hank’s mastered the art of indifference.


In this scene Hank meets Sasha Bingham, a famous film star. Despite her fame and beauty he is reluctant to give up his spare seat for her.

Not even a hot, famous movie star unnerves him!

He couldn’t give two shits who she is. Hank never puts anyone on a pedestal.

Indifference is another key ingredient to be a natural with women. Women love the chase as much as we do. The moment you put a girl on a pedestal, she’ll sense it and lose interest fast.

Indifference shows you’re a man of high value and worth chasing. It’s a tricky art to perfect, but the more you watch Hank doing his thang, the more it will sink in!

A good starting point is to reply with “uh-huh” when a girl is qualifying herself to you.

For example, if a girl tells you she’s a ballet dancer in a West End musical, simply reply with “Uh-huh” rather than “OMG that’s so cool!”

No girl rocks your boat. This is the mentality to follow!

The next important piece in Hank Moody’s puzzle is his ‘zero fucks given’ attitude.

Not giving a shit

Hank is never afraid to face rejection head-on and humiliate himself in front of other people.

The ability to ‘not give a shit’ is so important in seduction.

It shows you have both a spine and balls. You’re willing to make a move and put yourself on the line for a girl.

Watch how Hank totally owns this business meeting and openly flirts with Sasha Bingham.

“It is time to RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!”

He really has no shame!

Hank shows no restraint from expressing his sexual desire for Sasha in front of everyone.

His closing line complimenting her tits and non-slouching ass, provides Sasha with a highly memorable first impression of him.

And later in the episode she invites Hank back to her bedroom to go over some lines… 😉

Wrapping it up Mutha fuckaaa

Although Hank Moody is a fictional character, this should not deflect from the fact that this shit totally works with women in real life.

The screen writers for Californication definitely have game!

And on a personal note, no one has helped me get better with women more than Hank Moody himself. He’s my fictional wingman.

I’ve watched Californication back-to-back 3 times. And if I ever feel like my mojo is on decline, I binge watch a few episodes before a night out.

Got to get in the Moody frame of mind!

I hope you liked this post and realise how much you can learn seduction from TV and film. And above all, I hope I’ve inspired you to start watching Californication!


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